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    T-Mobile US: “ We are ready to Leapfrog “

    Yes, T-Mobile has their sights on passing AT&T and closing the gap on Verizon in customers. AT&T has to lie to their customers by posting 5Ge on their customers phones to make them think they are using 5G services. However T-Mobile new 1.2 Gbps download speed with real 5G NR in New York Even...
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    Is the New T-Mobile now in the best Position to overtake At&t and Verizon in Coverage

    Eddie all you seem to do is coming over to a T-Mobile board to pump up AT&T and join the angry AT&T and Verizon fans that are upset now that T-Mobile is showing both AT&T and Verizon up in 5G service nationwide. Everyone that saw T-Mobile new 1.2Gbps in New York City with 5G are now all...
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    Amazon & T-Mobile join a FAA project on Drone’s ID

    This is some new Drone ID project that will add a cell device that connects to the internet on the larger Drones ( over 8.8 Oz). This is a safety issue but also companies like Amazon and Wing that want to do home delivery with Drones. Remote ID would assist the FAA, law enforcement, and...
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    Dish Network closer to buying Boost Mobile

    Who said that? T-Mobile like AT&T and Verizon are also killing off 2G and 3G air interface. Only T-Mobile has a fast robust 5G that works inside most houses. This is T-Mobile 5G in NYC. I think AT&T would be better off selling their Mobile Network areas and customers to pay off their...
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    T-Mobile boasts 2.5 GHz momentum right out of the gate

    Milan03 was suspended for a few days after being attacked by some of the T-Mobile haters and he fought back. This was a couple of years ago. Milan03 chosen not to come back to HoFo board. Milan03 was a regular on Reddit/T-Mobile but seems to just use his Twitter account now so he can control...
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    In 2021 T-Mobile will only support VoLTE & 5G for voice calls

    Just talked a friend into sending back her gift of a Non-LTE Samsung Active Smartwatch 2 to her husband that didn’t have the LTE option. They are on Verizon but everyone is going to shut down 2G, 3G, 4G HSPA and any devices that doesn’t support T-Mobiles VoLTE on their network. So this isn’t...
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    Now T-Mobile can give US a full 5G Nationwide Network with speed

    Most likely I have read that T-Mobile biggest obstacle was getting city building permits, since most of the cities offices are shut down by Covid19. T-Mobile has already turned on 5G speeds in Philadelphia that is over 500 Mbps Down. In the next few weeks Detroit, St Lous and Columbus, Ohio...
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    Dish Network closer to buying Boost Mobile

    This doesn’t sound like Dish has a lot of money. However it sounds like they are in better position now from their quarterly earning report. Tower Company SBA confirms that Dish Network is real.
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    T-Mobile Q1 2020 Report 5/6/20 at 4:30 EST Web-Link

    This should be pretty interesting to T-Mobile and Sprint customers. This link has the connection to the meeting today at 4:30pm EST.
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    Phoenix getting network upgrade for Sprint users

    The rumors is that most Sprint uses will start moving over to T-Mobile in area by area across the country faster than expected. This video shows Sprint users getting Carrier Aggregation with band n71, 66 and n41 is connected but doesn’t seem to be active yet. The T-Mobile side isn’t getting...
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    Philly 5G

    T-Mobile today in Manhattan NY with it’s 5G Layer Cake of spectrum. Switching from another carrier has a OnePlus 8 5G phone for $350 plus tax. Philadelphia has already got over 600 Mbps 5G. .
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    AT&T 5G Coverage

    Manhattan NY, T-Mobile 5G just beat their slower speed today with T-Mobile’s Layer Cake of Spectrums. Also, anyone switching from another network to T-Mobile can get a new OnePlus 8 5G for $350 plus tax. . From
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    Manhattan NY gets T-Mobile 5G Layer Cake

    This is going to cost AT&T and Verizon a lot of customers in the Big Apple with a fast 5G network that will even work inside building. Our old buddy Milan just did a speed test...
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    T-Mobile path to Stand-Alone 5GNR

    Not complete yet but testing the new technology in a Multi-Vendor 5G network. Lot’s of new terms.
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    Is the New T-Mobile now in the best Position to overtake At&t and Verizon in Coverage

    Oops... Jakeuten you forgot one. TMUS that with DT and SoftBank have a combined Marker Cap of $266.095 Billion that beats AT&T $222.22 Billion Market Cap. So even VZ $239.942 Billion Market Cap is even smaller than TMUS, DT and SoftBank. T-Mobile isn’t the poor network anymore.
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    Dish may close on buying Boost Mobile by May 1st

    “ Dish also is set to take over the Boost Mobile prepaid business, a transaction that the analysts suspect may close before May 1.“ The rest of the article shows Dish isn’t in that great of financial shape..... Now maybe it is the time Dish pulls that financial partners out of the hat they told...
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    Good info for Boost and Sprint details.

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    Networks looking to add DSS over next 6 Months

    According to Neville Ray’s Twitter Video New York Magenta Layer Cake. Also, Neville announced adding 600MHz 5G to Detroit, St. Louis then Columbus, Ohio.
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    Sprint & T-Mobile begin to Merge Networks

    Today T-Mobile launched two 5G cities (Philly & NYC) using Sprint's 5G spectrum, and gave Sprint customers access to T-Mobile's whole 4G network. So T-Mobile’s low band 5G has got a lot faster in the first two cities with more areas to come soon. “ T-Mobile now owns 160-190MHz of mid-band...