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    Help with selecting Visible phone

    Any three of these phones will be visible.
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    Looking for a small phone!

    He likes his little phone.
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    What will remove hardened case residue from a phone?

    She uses this for removing case residue . :LOL:
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    Looking for a small phone!

    Would this phone be small enough for you? :D
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    Which iPhones are still made ? Iphone 12 ? 13 ?

    She just got a new eye phone. :D
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    New Fees for Prepaid

    Thats a good deal. (y)
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    "Windows Defender"

    How much do you pay for "Windows Defender" from Microsoft for your computer? It looks like it is free on the Microsoft website. A company is charging me $499.99 for a year service. I keep informing them NO , and they don`t stop. I told the do not charge me and I won`t pay . Have you had this...
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    Just Curious ?

    I always see that the most people responding on the Howard Forums are at the Tracfone listing . Do you think Tracfone is the most used prepaid phone company?
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    Bluetooth Speaker

    Just bought my first ever bluetooth speaker. It is a Oontz Angle 3 . I am very pleased with the sound it puts out. My question is though, How much data will I be using playing the "Play Music" app that is loaded on my phone?
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    Samsung galaxy J3 Orbit

    Awhile back I posted about getting a phone for a newer android system and held off for a short time. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro with android 6.0 and the new phone coming has the android 8.0 . I have no issues with the current phone but for $49.95 plus free shipping from...
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    Upgrade ?

    I use Tracfone and have a Samsung galaxy J3 Luna Pro. The phone works well for me. It has Android 6 . I see some newer phones that are cheap on sale with Android 8 or 8.1 . Is it worth changing out to one of these?
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    Voicemail ?

    I have the Samsung Galaxy J3 phone on Tracfone. When I click on voicemail and hit the go it keeps cutting out every second or 2 . Makes it very hard to hear the message. Any idea what the problem is?
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    Dryer motor help Getting ready to install this. Do the cords wrapped around the copper wheels get removed?
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    To all you mothers out there!

    Happy Fathers Day!:D
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    Largest MVNO prepaid ?

    Is Tracfone the largest MVNO Prepaid phone service? Reason I ask is every time I log on to this website they have the most people viewing on here. And yes I do have Tracfone.
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    Pocket texting

    I have a LG Rebel phone on Tracfone. A couple times some of my contacts are getting text messages from me when the phone has been in my pocket the whole time. Can anyone tell me how to go about settings to avoid that. Thanks,Jim
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    New Brother Printer

    Just got my new Brother HL2300Ld printer in and set up .This is a basic monotone laser printer and my first laser printer. My other printers always used ink cartridges. It`s replacing a printer maybe a year old that went thru expensive ink fast and currently was printing crappy even after...
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    Speech to Text

    I have a LG Rebel lte phone on Tracfone. When I go to text messaging there is no microphone on the keypad. I did a search on the phone and didn`t find a solution so I was wondering which is a SIMPLE app that works good for voice to text messaging. This is for private messages and not for...