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    new FreedomPOP (GSMA) free plan SIM spotted at target

    I have to laugh at " #1 cell service for seniors". $2 for 100mb top up, $10 for 1 gb top up. How about getting in line with others. I might consider if it were $2/gb.
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    new FreedomPOP (GSMA) free plan SIM spotted at target

    What happened to auto renew for the free plan? I have to use the app. I hit the red renew and it plays an ad and nothing happens. I had to chat and then I had to record a video of the screen showing just that. After multiple attempts and finally emailing the video, they then reset my account...
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    New virgin mobile plans??!!

    On VM's website click the compare now and then choose LG Volt and the $45/mo. plan. Compare to Cricket. Oops, you lose VM. How embarrassing is that! And the $55 plan is even more embarrassing.
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    New thread for Republic Wireless?

    It seems there is a lot of interest in republic wireless. Can you make a new thread for users to share their experience?