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    Anyone using prepaid as their only line?

    Discovered prepaid about a year ago and haven't looked back ever. Postpaid is a ripoff in comparison. Saving $$$, SWEET!
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    My AT&T

    Wow! Just wow, what a POS! This has to be the worst app on the app store that I've ever come across. On my laptop I can go to the My AT&T prepaid website and after much trouble was finally able to get a password for a login. Using the same exact password I cannot log in on the app on my phone or...
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    Back to AT&T

    Been a long time since I've used AT&T, like 20 years. I was using Mint(t-mo)but signal at home was poor and data at home not to reliable because of poor signal most of the time.So I trialed the AT&T prepaid using a prepaid card for a couple of months and was pleasantly surprised at the full...
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    First drop after less than an hour of starting service

    So, had AT&T back in the day many moons ago and dropping calls was a big problem. So moved to T-Mobile for awhile which worked great but coverage was less than great. So, moved to Verizon where coverage is king but data seems quite sluggishly slow. Went back to T-Mobile again for awhile when...
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    Call filter app

    Quick question for anyone using the Verizon app to filter calls. I enabled the premium features on my account and use it on two diff phones. My iPhone has an app in the app store that I got so I could enable the settings I wanted. I have an Android pixel as the other phone but see no companion...
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    Verizon UL data plan for $65?

    Got a text from Verizon saying I could upgrade from my 5GB plan to UL, Go Unlimited plan for $15 discount per month which would make the monthly bill $65. Wondering if anyone else received this message. So supposedly it would cost me an additional $10/mo. I don't really need the UL data but...
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    Wifi/LTE question

    Something I noticed recently since my wifi occasionally seems to slow way down. My 2 phones, an iPhone and an HTC 10 both lose signal when connected to wifi. Question is why doesn't the LTE signal which is good pick it up. Won't happen unless I turn off wifi on the phone. I kind of thought it...
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    Monthly access fee: $40 in contract or $20 out? No incentive to be in

    I don't get it. Was thinking of getting a new phone but my bill would go up $20/month? Can this be right? I thought they wanted people to be in contract. Isn't this backasswards? Or just another way to stick it to the customer, nice. My $1 Best Buy Z would run me an extra $20/mo for 24 for...
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    $20 upgrade fee

    Is this something new? Saw this little tidbit this morning, figured folks might be talking about it but didn't see any mention unless I've missed it. Thought that paying full retail avoided this fee previously. Doesn't apply to those who buy unlocked non verizon branded phones so far. With the...
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    Would Verizon allow old HTC Ozone as texting phone no data?

    Have a friend who needs a new phone as their old one is going out. Rather than pay for a new one as all they do is use it for texting and calls, was wondering if Verizon would allow an old HTC Ozone, which is technically a smart phone, for them to use on their non smart phone plan. My old Ozone...
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    Stop emojis suggestions in texts

    There must be a setting for this but I'm not seeing it. The little bubble that encapsulates the word as you type which is indicating there is an emojis that could be used. Kind of annoying and makes it hard to edit words. I'm using message +, but don't see a setting in the stock app either.
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    Wifi calling for iPhone 6?

    I heard January sometime awhile back. Was wondering if anyone had heard of a more precise time frame to have this enabled. Works great on my samsung S6. At home the signal is not the best so wifi calling would be great.
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    Is there not a reduced price option for upgrades anymore? Only payments?

    Not seeing it on their site. Used to be a $700 phone could be had for $300 for example if you upgrade and resign for 2 years. I see payment plans and retail (full) price and no upgrade at a reduced price option anywhere. I haven't looked in awhile so wondering if it's changed, for Verizon's...
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    [SOLD] Vzw htc one

    VZW HTC ONE 2 months old excellent, like new condition. Comes with otterbox commuter case. Phone is flawless, no scratches anywhere. Been in the case since day one. Never dropped. Not rooted, running kitkat. $325 includes shipping.
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    Extend number of rings for incoming calls

    Did a search and found some ancient threads, but non that relevant. So, when I was on T-Mobile many years ago there was a formula of buttons to push after dialing a certain number, blah, blah, and the number of rings on incoming calls could be changed to more or less. It was measured in seconds...
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    Those who switched Verizon>AT+T , any regrets? Coverage same, worse or better?

    I've been a Verizon customer for quite sometime and have been out of contract for awhile. I was thinking of moving to AT+T. I live in Central Oregon and the coverage maps look pretty much the same for both for what that's worth. I'd love to hear from those who have done the same in the last year...
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    Verizon to get Nokia 2520 in Q4

    Was wondering if a grandfathered UL verizon customer such as myself could pick up one of these at full retail and keep their UL plan intact. Reason I ask is I don't know how it would work seeing as this is a tablet not a phone and would require a separate sim. Would they allow it? Me thinks not...
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    no LTE in Central Oregon today

    Just wondering if anybody in this area is having issues. Bend seems to have reverted back to 3 G.
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    Verizon work discount ever expire? No longer working.

    I've never seen this posted before, but was wondering if since I've quit a job and moved out of state if Verizon will kibosh my employer discount. I'm wondering if I should notify them of my address change(I use auto pay so no issue with the bill). Obviously they will know I've moved eventually...
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    Verizon to begin "Network Optimization" (throttling) on 9/15/11

    Smokin' hot speeds today and from different cell towers about 3 miles apart.