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    No VZW the owner would never. But use any bundled phone, or otherwise branded, refurb iPhone whatever, and after 60 days of use with the included VZW SIM, it will be unlocked. At which point you can just use it to activate a TMO SIM from the $1 TF BYOP kit and Bob's your uncle
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    This is just about ATT branded phones. Do they mostly pass the VZW IMEI checker?

    This has nothing to do with unlocked or not as a general concept. Factory unlocked model variants is a subset, and there, often with low end devices it might "work" in a basic sense but the RF bands used may be targeted more for say TMO and ATT but VZW not so much. To really be optimized, low...
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    This sets what your hotspot AP offers, use 5gHz unless you have old devices that can't use it
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    Visible hotspot speeds

    Many use cases when away from home WiFi, "travel routers" like GL.inet, can switch modes to rebroadcast WiFi provided by RV parks, hotels & conference centres, cruise ships or your own boat at a marina or restaurant... Called repeater mode, as opposed to router mode, hotspot mode, MiFi etc...
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    Verizon - Preferring LTE over 5G

    Since GSM and CDMA no longer apply from a technical POV these terms are used as shorthand labels by MVNOs that are nominally not supposed to name the MNO network explicitly. CDMA network = VZW GSM = either ATT or TMO No need to read any more into it
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    Move BYOP SIM with active line to another phone?

    There are lots of great multi-OS note taking apps that sync across all your screen devices I would go absolutely nuts if I didn't keep detailed track of all my devices/SIMs, providers/plans, dates etc
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    Portable hotspot & tethering

    That is very old hardware, IMO likely relevant. Aren't there little (or huge) mobile markets full of little vendors around who can get you all fixed up for less than the price of a meal at McD's ?
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    Verizon - Preferring LTE over 5G

    Kewl! says the Deadhead
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    Move BYOP SIM with active line to another phone?

    Also depends on which network SIM you're talking about. TMO yes, in general VZW problems. The SIM kits are only $1 so best to just go that route, getting CS to help on TF can be an ordeal
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    Official Pure TalkUSA Thread

    I'd bet an MVNO so rarely discussed here is just not that competitive. In general, nothing to do with this MVNO: Data while overseas, other than Canada/Mexico, unless you are using more than trivial amounts best is to just get local...
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    AT&T dual SIM 2024 Moto G 5g

    Thanks, good to know
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    AT&T dual SIM 2024 Moto G 5g

    Sorry but what evidence do you have to support that?
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    Is TMobile your only carrier?

    We use all three, TMO is best for value and high bandwidth data but has the least coverage out in rural areas.
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    Non VZW Activation as of June 2024

    I did not mean across the "TF Family" but TF service specifically. When I discovered TF maybe 15 years ago, I only used ATT SIMS out of the triple kits, peaked at 20+ lines, it was no question the only choice for coverage in the more rural areas. I think they're down to eight now...
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    Default line on web account still a thing?

    LOL they are the one that should be able to tell. I wouldn't usually know unless I remembered which was the oldest. I bet they can see the activation date on each line and tell that way if it even is a relevant data point anymore
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    I was just saying, your post was written as if you were giving accurate assessments of provider networks' relative signal strengths. You can't actually do that unless you have the right tool for the job, and usually when spending under say $500, that will only be optimised for one network, and...
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    Adding a line to an empty account

    Just start a new MyAccount
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    Default line on web account still a thing?

    I don't think is was ever explicitly shown, but I have had CSRs mention when moving a line/device out of a given MyAccount telling me which one was now primary
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    That is not a thing. Try with a modern phone that has all the TMO RF bands including 5G even better