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    Inactive devices removed?

    As long as those devices are 4G and not blacklisted, I don't see why they couldn't be reactivated.
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    How do you handle new accounts when the report shows 1 or 2 blacklisted referenced IP reports...

    How do you handle new accounts when the report shows 1 or 2 blacklisted referenced IP reports? What if it shows the account in an overseas country? If there are more than 2 flagged instances, I don't approve those and I don't automatically approve if it appears to be from overseas. Need your...
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    Inactive devices removed?

    I don't understand why anyone would care if an inactive device was removed by the carrier on the account. Makes sense to me. Why maintain records of a phone/device no longer in use? I seriously doubt that they are required to do so after a certain point. How long were those devices inactive?
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    Can anyone share where can I find phone/device info on My Account or Lines page(s) in T-mobile account website?

    The two are a "Horse of a different color" and it has been that way for as long as I remember. I seriously doubt any prepaid/MVNO will allow users to retrieve some information online that postpaid users may have access to. Seriously, you gotta pay to play.
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    Largest city without 5G?

    I seriously doubt that any carrier would be willing to admit that. We can only speculate, good luck.
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    Nokia C110 not unlocking

    That must be a real let down, but that's a risk when dealing with prepaid/MVNO. Keep us in the loop and I do hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction. Sadly, only time will resolve this and there is little to nothing we can do except encourage you.
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    Is this Group Dying?

    Sorry to hear that, but we don't need to compromise our integrity as an organized forum just to make a few folks happy. We have our loyal members and our share of fair-weather members and that's OK. All are welcome as long as we all play by the rules.
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    TracFone Moto g play 2023 specifications

    When I bought my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in fall 2023, it didn't have a charger block either. That seems to be a recurring theme among cell phone manufacturers nowadays.
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    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband Speed Test Thread

    Personally, I don't think there is any real practicality just bragging rights.
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    Nokia C110 not unlocking

    I don't blame you for your frustrations with this and seemingly lack of caring by their customer "don't" care. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and play rough when you are getting the run around through no fault of your own as I understand from the posts in this thread. Best...
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    Can anyone share where can I find phone/device info on My Account or Lines page(s) in T-mobile account website?

    I guarantee that the carrier has such information as the phone communicates with the billing system every time it is used. This process is used for authentication between the carrier and the device. I don't think you can retrieve such reports yourself as I was a CS rep for At&t for several...
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    Travel to Canada

    Thanks for reporting your experience with the community. This should be helpful for others who are considering a trip similar to yours.
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    New glass with vertical lines

    And now, this thread is closed.
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    battery useage: audio vs Video vs websurfing

    Most modern phones have built-in tools to check how much data is being used and by which applications. If not, you can probably download an application to assist you.
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    Phone spam blocker that hangs up non contacts?

    Unfortunately, that's what happens when links to products are considered SPAM/self-promotion, just unneeded or against forum rules. Moderators have to deal with this many times daily.
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    Nokia C110 not unlocking

    What would those be? Most likely 9:00a - 5:00p Eastern Standard Time
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    Verizon WiFi Calling Can't Update E911 Address

    Sometimes, such changes can affect other features assigned to an account. Such features may be temporarily unavailable while the system updates for a period of time.
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    Trying to set up AT&t phone ready to smash it

    What make/model phone are you trying to activate? Buying a phone is only half the battle, you also must activate it to get it to work. From an earlier question you made, an IMEI (if I understood your prior question) is essentially a serial number assigned/stored in your phone. It is not the...
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    Nokia C110 not unlocking

    Best wishes, please update the group if you get this resolved.