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    AT&T may get additional 4.9GHz spectrum for FirstNet. Verizon opposing this!

    If I absolutely had to choose just one, I like TMobiles spectrum position the best out of the 3. All have their pros and cons though but TMobile has followed steps nicely with buying companies to expand things just like Verizon and att did.
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    Customer Service - best time to call

    I've found if I call around 9 or 10am I get local reps. If called around 6 or 7pm I seemed to get overseas. Tforce is what I avoid now. They have messed up my account twice now that cost me extra money. I've actually had tforce call me around 10am and they were overseas. Ive heard quite a few...
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    Is TMobile your only carrier?

    I've tested other carriers like att prepaid, Verizon postpaid 30 day trial, cricket also on att. One thing I've learned specific for me is that my TMobile service works best for me in majority of places I go so it's the right choice for me and my husband. Only real complaint with TMobile has...
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    Network Outage Round 2

    T-Mobile has been the only carrier I haven't had outages with in recent times
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    Verizon Signs Deal With AST SpaceMobile!

    With having tmobile and att work out deals, Verizon would have looked bad if they didn't follow. The others would have a leg up with covering the gaps that towers do not cover
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    T-Mobile Reportedly in Talks to Buy Part of UScellular for Over $2 Billion

    I guess tmobile is playing for keeps. Was beginning to wonder. This should help in rural spots that usc covered well.
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    Something Bad Is Coming For Legacy T-Mobile Customers

    A fairly high up T-Mobile employee told me they think that’s the end game eventually. Get it big and then sell it for a nice profit and then concentrate on their home turf. The us division is very profitable for them but they have mentioned selling it in the past so nothing would surprise me...
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    Something Bad Is Coming For Legacy T-Mobile Customers

    I’m planning on staying with T-Mobile unless things really get bad. Network wise it’s working well. Bad customer service and the price increase I don’t like but I can live with it as long as the network keeps improving
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    State of rural / semi-rural coverage, backup power, and network access

    Network wise I'm very happy with tmobile. Its been the most reliable it's ever been now. Will the US cellular assets (if they get some) generally be in rural spots? I've always read their network was mostly rural
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    Customer service has gotten really bad

    Mine didn't say that for some reason. It does say it now so it appears to be a glitch since I haven't changed anything.. After they gave me a credit it now says the date for June being my next autopay date.
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    Customer service has gotten really bad

    T-Mobile finally agreed that I should have gotten it so they applied a credit for it.
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    State of rural / semi-rural coverage, backup power, and network access

    Yes I figure the really rural will need satellite 📡🛰️
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    The FCC Can Finally Issue T-Mobile Their Auction 108 Spectrum Winnings

    I agree. I current have no complaints with T-Mobile network. Customer service not what it used to be but network wise tmobile has been the most reliable it's ever been for me. I still want them to keep going and expand rural even more which I think the definitely will. Some rural spots...
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    State of rural / semi-rural coverage, backup power, and network access

    Do you think tmobile will eventually match the density of Verizon and att?
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    Customer service has gotten really bad

    I’ll try that. I don’t plan on switching but I’ll mention it when I call. Very happy with the network but definitely disappointed to see customer service decline as much as it has
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    Customer service has gotten really bad

    It feels like sprint all over again. I didn’t get the autopay discount even though it was fully paid with debit card. Tforce won’t credit it amd phone customer service also said nothing they could do. Anyone know how to get it credited when it’s tmobiles mistake?
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    Anyone using prepaid as their only line?

    I've had att prepaid before as a backup but I'm thinking about going just att prepaid with no backups. Has it been reliable enough for those that use it daily as their only phone line? Sent from my moto g go using HoFo mobile app
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    T Mobile 5g vs the competitors.

    Tmobile works great for me Sent from my SM-S911U using Tapatalk
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    AT&T Postpaid to prepaid?

    How hard is it to go from att postpaid to prepaid and keep the same phone number? I’ve done the other way around but not postpaid to prepaid Weighing a few options Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is it hard to change numbers with TracFone?

    It's my backup just in case line so I'm not tied to the current number. It's getting tons of junk text and spam calls. How hard is it to get a new number with them? If Its a pain it's not a big deal keeping the current number but figured I'd check Sent from my moto g play (2021) using HoFo...