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  1. howard

    Noticed No Frills now has No Name Mobile A SIM card is $5. Running on Bells LTE and lower network. Plans are pretty competitive. $19 1/2GB with auto top up including calls to the US $24 4/5GB $29 25/30GB $34 55/60GB $40 80/85GB $50 105/110GB
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    We just switched from vBulletin to Xenforo

    Just added some Avatars. Check them out and let me know if there are any problems. I plan on adding the US MVNO avatars after everything is working.
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    sharp 903sh games in huf format

    Have you checked
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    We just switched from vBulletin to Xenforo

    Welcome! We're now running on Xenforo
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    Virgin Virgin Win back thread

    Just got offered 60GB of unlimited data for $40 a month. The price includes a $20 discount for 24 months.
  6. howard

    Just offered US & Canada 50GB for $29

    I previously had a Freedom line a while back. I just got an email from them offering: 50GB for $29 US and Canada plan. That's with a digital discount. You need a promo code to get this plus another promo code to get the connection waived.
  7. howard

    Fido Win back thread

    We will be cleaning up and consolidating most of the subforums here soon so I figured I'd start a Win back thread here. I ported out of Fido during Black Friday to Virgin. I just got a call from Fido from the phone number 833-447-6665 which has the not suspicious sounding caller ID of...
  8. howard

    I just realized the forum will be 23 yrs old later this year...

    I was seeing what the earliest thread on the forums was found this: Post on 6/28/2001, almost 23 years ago! Back when we started, we were still using 2G phones, data plans weren't really a thing and if they were they were measured in Megabytes...
  9. howard

    Our Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review

    When Samsung launched the Note line, there were 3 things that were significant about it. First off, it gave Samsung a reason to release a phone with a noticeably larger display, which as it turned out really helped to set an industry trend. Secondly; to help differentiate it they released it...
  10. howard

    Our Xiaomi Redme Note 8 review

    Back in November Aliexpress had their 11.11 sale. While I’ve shopped before there for inexpensive stuff, I always wondered, what would it be like buying something more expensive? At the same time, aside from a very nice battery pack Andrew gifted me a few years back, I’ve never owned anything...
  11. howard

    Our Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

    It’s been about a year since the XS Max came out. The Max kind of filled a hole in the iPhone lineup. When Apple released the X, it had similarly sized screen (in terms of area) as the 7 Plus but its body was a bit smaller. While I have a special piece of my heart for smaller phones, I generally...
  12. howard

    Our Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review

    Smartphones have been maturing for over a decade now. A while back we reached a point where even phone enthusiasts stopped replacing their phone yearly. The difference between a flagship and the previous year’s is growing smaller and smaller. Samsung had their work cutout with their 2019...
  13. howard

    Our Huawei P30 Pro Review

    The past few years have seen the emergence of Huawei in the high-end of the market. They’ve gone from a provider of free and pre-paid phones that came with outdated versions of Android and a quirky iOS copycat overlay, to a powerhouse challenging Apple and Samsung at the top-end of the market...
  14. howard

    Article: Howard's Amazon Prime Day Picks for the US

    You can view the page at
  15. howard

    Article: Howard's Amazon Prime Day Picks for Canada

    You can view the page at
  16. howard

    How fast is unlimited?

    The Big 3 recently began offering data plans that did away with overages. Instead of charging you an absurd amount to refill your data bucket when it runs out, the plans simply slow down your speed till your monthly cycle resets. So how slow is slow? When you go over your allotment, TELUS slows...
  17. howard

    Public Mobile Public Mobile People's Challenge: Post your PM 3G speedtest here

    Public Mobile's all about their 3G-ish data speeds. If you're on one of their 3G data plans post your speedtests here: Since my parents don't use their phones a lot I recently put them on PM. They're on a $35 for 4.5GB@3G plan. Here's a speedtest from my dad's iPhone Xr: Anyone else getting...
  18. howard

    The Death of Android?

    I was having lunch with Andrew when the topic of forum layout came up. I’m currently brainstorming ideas of how we can streamline it to help reduce the number of subforums. Here’s the problem; when it comes to Android we’re spoiled for choice; Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, whatever. The...
  19. howard

    Our Blackberry Key 2 Review

    I checked out the Blackberry Key 2 LE recently. While I thought it was a solid phone, I also got the feeling that it was built to not step on the toes of a more expensive model. The screen was nice but could be better, that sort of thing. Now it’s time to check out the fancier model, the Key 2...
  20. howard

    Our Google Pixel 3 review

    It wasn’t that long ago that Google would partner with an Android OEM to release a high end phone priced hundreds cheaper than similarly spec’d phones. However, since then Google has shifted strategies and began designing their own Android phones. They’ve followed a similar strategy that Apple...