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  1. Help with data settings when flashing Cricket handsets to other carriers.

    So I'm trying to flash Cricket's Samsung Vitality (R720) to a non-US carrier. Everything is fine except for the data settings. For the NAI and PPP settings, it uses a different number than the MDN....
  2. Well since you're so beyond us mere mortals,...

    Well since you're so beyond us mere mortals, maybe you can give us a hand. Contrary to assumptions (yours really), We have done our research. Going back to the Kyocera Rio, its already activated on...
  3. Pageplus Kyocera E3100 Rio PagePlus Flash file

    Where can I get the flash file for the PAgePlus Kyocera E3100 Rio? I'm trying to use the cricket version of this phone on PagePlus. I already changed all the settings, prl and data settings. Calls...
  4. Kyocera E3100 Rio Disable "Starting Registration"

    Hello People,

    This question has been asked in other forums number of times but here we go again; how can I disable "Starting Registration" on a Cricket Kyocera E3100? I'm trying to use this phone...
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    On the same page here. Do you even have the...

    On the same page here. Do you even have the drivers to connect it to a pc? I just cant find the drivers for this thing.
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    WX442 flashed to WX445, is it possible?

    I'm trying to flash a Revol Wireless WX442 so it can work with pageplus. The thing is that I can change the wap settings but as soon as I reboot the phone, the original settings return. I already...
  7. Hello everyone! I'm also looking for the...

    Hello everyone!
    I'm also looking for the original AX840 files. Would anyone be kind enough to posted back up? Thanks in advance!
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    Samsung Trance SCH-U490

    Any ideas how to reset the lifetime view timer on the SCH-U490? I tried flash the .BIM file but no luck. Any ideas??
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    Cal-comp j88 (cricket ez) driver

    Hello Everyone,
    Does anyone know where to get drivers for this phone? I tried looking everywhere but it seems that there is none. I'm trying to change the prl in this phone. There is no Cricket...
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