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  1. Have unlocked O2 cocoon- which US network is best?

    I just got an unlocked O2 Cocoon from UK, bringing it back to Las Vegas. Wondering which is best, T mobile or ATT? Cocoon is quad band gsm plus 2100 UMTS. Any thoughts?
  2. Advice on unlocking websites? Expert opinions needed!

    I just bought an O2 cocoon from the UK, it is locked to O2 network. Any advice on which website/service is reliable and affordable to unlock it? Thanks in advance!
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    Beeline request update

    I have an image available, it should be attached. Beeline is Russia's largest mobile carrier in case anyone is unaware. Thanks!
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    WTB/Trade O2 Cocoon White unlocked

    Looking to buy or trade for O2 Cocoon White unlocked in new or like new condition w/all accessories included. I have a Nokia 7710 that no one else seems to have, and a couple of crazy Russian phones...
  5. You have an N905i in the US on T-mobile and it is...

    You have an N905i in the US on T-mobile and it is working? Are multimedia functions working, 3g network etc? Where are you located, I want to get this phone, I'm in Las Vegas and hope it will work...
  6. THanks for the response. I see you have several...

    THanks for the response. I see you have several japan phones, are you in japan? Do you know which phones are fully functional EXCEPT for internet and will work in US, if so AT&T or T-Mobile? Is the...
  7. Which j-phones are FULLY unlocked (multimedia, internet, etc)? Thanks to all!

    Does anyone have a list of which japan phones are fully usable in the US and Europe, Russia? I travel between the 3 although most time is in US, but I want the best japan phone I can get that is...
  8. 920sh/922 FULLY unlocked? (multimedia, internet, etc)

    IonNuke, you have hypersim that fully unlocks 920sh/922? Are all functions, internet, multimedia, etc usable in the US? I will buy from you if so.
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