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    Now that "themonkeysball" is gone...

    i wonder which websites do u guys go to...
  2. i keep getting this error msg on my gf's iphone.. =(

    I've just managed to jail break it and now tryin to put some apps in it..

    but it just won't go in

    does anyone know...
  3. qn on transfering video file from my ibook into my iphone

    hi bros..i got a problem in trying to put videos into my iphone..for e.g

    as u can see..there is a video file which is...
  4. hi guys...

    hi guys..really newbie do i install themes and how in the iphone do i change the themes?i don't see any theme section in my iphone 3g..

    thks brothers :buddies:
  5. hmmm

    hope someone can teach me..i have 1 iphone 3g and 1 ibook and 1 powerbook..wish 3 of the machines can share info together using the same wifi or something..

    is it possible?

  6. i have a programme called datacase

    hi guys..i got the's supposed to share transfer info from my mac to my iphone right?how do i do that?my mac and iphone both share the same wifi net work..

    really confused with this.....
  7. How do i read pdf ebooks? how do i put them into my iphone?

    Hi guys, sorry for the really noob question but i have difficulty putting in pdf files in it?how do we actually put pdf or any file(for e.g excel or word documents) for the matter into our iphone..i...
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    is it normal that my nokia n82....

    is not as fast my previous n95 8gb version?it lags at times..i also find that the battery is noticeably weaker than my prev n95. Full charge only last 2 days on avg...hmmmm

  9. need help on removing softwares...urgent

    hi guys, i am trying to remove softwares and games from my n95 8gig version. Somehow i am just not able to remove them from my applications manager.

    Not sure if you guys have realised, there are 2...
  10. thks guys

    thks guys..u guys were really helpful, i figured he is trying to pull a fast one on me ;)
  11. Need on advice on whether to upgrade my n95(8 gig version)

    hi guys, i have a n95 8 gig version and very persuaded by my friend that the n82 is a much better phone and that i should trade with him 1 to 1. He is holding a black set and will give me a 4 gig...
  12. hi guys...

    is there some kinda bitrate or video parameters like the framerate or video size that i have to take note of so that my n95 (the 1st original n95) can play it?

    thks guys!
  13. A big qn on putting an mp4 movie in my n95

    HI guys, i am trying to figure out how to watch a ripped movie in mp4 format in my n95. I ripped out "tokyo drift" in mp4 format using handbrake(that's a mac software) and then tried to put in the...
  14. A qn on accelorometer on the n95 (urgent)

    hi guys..i am wondering how do i find out if i have the above plugin in my phone?and perhaps how do i go about downloading it?because i am hoping to use rotateme =)

    thks guys!
  15. hmmm

    really hope someone out there has an answer... :reallysad
  16. Impt qn on having 2 blackjacks at home...need help

    hi folks...i have a worrying question at home.My wife and i both share the same pc at home and we each have a blackjack too. Somehow whenever we sync our phones. Our calender entries always reflect...
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    just curious..will the jar file run for the blackjack?just bluetooth the jar file into the blackjack and it will work is it?

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    Overclocking the samsung i600

    hi guys..

    hi guys...from my understanding, i need to first use SDA application

    to unlock my phone than to over clock the i600...
  19. thks!

    thk u so much. worked perfectly! God bless.

    thks again
  20. Gd morning Mebobola =) i'm sorry for the noob...

    Gd morning Mebobola =)

    i'm sorry for the noob qn. But i've followed yr steps and now it's found my bible text in my main memory as u all have instructed me. How do i then reroute it and instruct...
  21. Qn on olive tree bible reader on blackjack

    hi guys...

    i installed the olive bible reader and the cab file into my i600. but i don't know where to put the pdb file of the bible content in it. When i open the reader programme in my i600 it...
  22. how do u change the name of yr blackjack?

    hi do u change the name of yr blackjack. Currently, when i switch on my bluetooth. I am known as "samsung i600" on the wireless. Can i change that name to my name?Have been fiddling ard...
  23. "Must have" programmes for i600/blackjack

    was wondering what programmes and games you guys use/play on yr i600. Could we share a list of it?

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    thk u for being most kind..
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    thks man!yup, i tried downloading the pdf already..

    does anyone know how to lock the phone, i am always accidentally pressing the keypad..

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