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    iphone 6 128gb preordered

    this iPhone is new already preordered will send receipt once bought
    paypal and any prepaid card accepted apple gift card accepted this is the gold i ordered like 5 so shouldn't be a problem once...
  2. For Sale: crazy iPhone rare for sale!!! 32gb unlocked self charging gold


    this iPhone is in great condition and has a cool problem it self charges has warranty till feb 2016 this iPhone self charges it goes from 16% to 74% in 30 min!! this iPhone was for my...
  3. 450 bump bump

    450 bump bump
  4. 500 or best offer pm me

    500 or best offer pm me
  5. iphone 5s space grey unlocked 64gb for any carrier will provide pics!

    iphone is in mint condition like it was just tookin out of the box it has clean imei got it as a gift so taking offers private message me your offers will provide actual photos with your name next to...
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