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    Texting and Wifi-Only mode. Nokia Lumia 521

    I have the Nokia Lumia 521. I was speaking with T-Mobile agent and he told me that I can text with only WIFI calling enabled. I see I can't do that. Here's my question: When I'm home, I want to make...
  2. I was easier than I thought. Since the SIM was...

    I was easier than I thought. Since the SIM was never used, all I had to do was find the deal I wanted and do it. It worked. $30: 100 minutes, 5GB data.
  3. Need help switching from $50 T-mobile plan to $30. HSN Lumia 521

    I don't know how these things work, but I bought the HSN special ($69) Lumia 521 phone with $50 plan. I don't call very often, so I don't want to spend $50 each month. Would like to downgrade to $30...
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