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  1. Nope, the Unlimited HotSpot Calling (formally...

    Nope, the Unlimited HotSpot Calling (formally refered to as @Home) for mobile handsets.

    The new My T-Mobile site does not show that this UMAUFTSP feature / service is part of an account. Does...
  2. People are still getting the highly publicized...

    People are still getting the highly publicized $5.99 T-zones. Listen, I worked too damn hard trying to find this SOC not to share it with others! ;)
  3. Damn FatWallet members gave this a NEG rating!

    I posted this on FatWallet and someone gave this deal a negative / red rating!

    I also placed it in a long ongoing Slickdeals thread....
  4. Retentions got me free Unlimited HotSpot Calling

    Are you out of contract or close to being? I only got this through retentions, period. I had tried going the normal CSR route with no luck for a few months. My service is based in Hawaii, so forget...
  5. SOC for free & unlimited @Home / UMA / Wi-Fi calling

    UMAUFTSP - $0.00 SOC for free and unlimited @Home / UMA / Wi-Fi calling on an individual line

    From what was explained to me, this UMAUFTSP SOC was used at the introduction of the @Home (for mobile...
  6. SOC for free Unlimited HotSpot Calling (@Home Wi-Fi) for Families?

    Anyone know the SOC code for the free ($0.00) Unlimited HotSpot Calling / @Home Wi-Fi for Families?

    What about the SOC for the $4.99 add-on?

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