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  1. [FREE][APP] Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram - Repost IG

    Wanna download Instagram photos, videos, story, highlight, reels, and IGTV?
    Looking for an app that can easily download or repost Instagram images and videos?
    This Insta download and repost app is...
  2. [FREE][APP] Loudlly Louder Volume Amplifier & Speaker Booster

    Tune in to better volumes with the new volume booster free app. Volume boost “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers” works as a sound amplifier designed to boost volume by increasing loudness of video,...
  3. [FREE][APP] Big Zombie: Fly Hopper Endless Flapping

    Do you like flapping & fly hopper games?
    Do you find the endless flying tap fly games amusing?
    Then you’ll love Big Zombie the super fun and addictive hop flappy crush game where you need to make...
  4. [FREE][APP] Street Racer Pro: 3D Car Racing Game

    Fasten your seatbelt and enter a world of pro driver street racing in one of the most realistic and exciting car racing games.

    Feel The Thrill!

    Welcome to the world of wild & exciting endless...
  5. [FREE][APP] CouponFog – Discount Shopping Coupon Finder

    Shop and save with our coupon app!

    Do you love to save money by using promo and discount codes? How about enjoying huge savings on your favorite stores by using a convenient voucher app? It is...
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    [APP][FREE] IQ Test Preparation

    The IQ Test Preparation app tests you on verbal and linguistics ability, mathematics, logical reasoning, spatial reasoning aptitude, intellectual knowledge, and more. Your IQ score is calculated...
  7. [APP][FREE] Zen Lounge: Meditation Sounds

    Get rid of depression, feelings of loneliness, despair and anxiety using sounds.

    Are you struggling with anxiety and feelings of loneliness due to isolation? If yes, Zen Lounge – Stress Relief...
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    [APP][FREE] Catphish - True or False

    Record yourself telling truth or telling a lie. Tell a short story and then tag it as true or false.

    Find the catphish or the truth. Share stories and mark them true or false and then see how many...
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    Catphish - Tell Truth Or Lie Game

    Record yourself telling truth or telling a lie. Tell a short story and then tag it as true or false.

    Find the catphish or the truth. Share stories and mark them true or false and then see how many...
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    [APP[FREE] Battle Coin Dozer

    Use your finger to hit the Enemy with Coins

    Be strategic and swipe the Coins to hit the Enemy.

    Free experience on coin pusher in the different world, the more gold coins you shoot, the more...
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    Into Basket - Basketball Dunk Game

    Play Into Basket - ball dunk game with addictive new features like you have never played before. The gameplay of this loop ball game is pretty straightforward, and all you need to tap the screen to...
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    War Tank - Arcade Tank Shooter

    War tank is the best free tank fighting game with the fantastic new features, so be ready for an exceptional adventure. Play War Tank fighting game and destroy the enemies with your auto shooting...
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    Slow Motion Cube - Color Ring 3D Game

    Are you looking for the best game to improve accuracy in real-time? So download Slow Motion Cube - cross cube game that not only help to boost your accuracy in real-time but also give you the best...
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    VERAKI - Personal Growth

    Veraki incorporates visualization, mindfulness, and action-planning into one easy and fun-to-use personal growth app. You have the power to choose the life that you want to live! See your vision....
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    Mindspa – 4UR Mental Wellbeing

    We help you cope with difficult emotions in order to make your life better.

    In our application you will find resources and tools to familiarize with your emotions, to better understand your needs...
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    [APP][FREE] Word Search Puzzle

    Are you looking for the best word search puzzle app? So Download this and let's start playing Puzzle Game.

    Word Search puzzle in English is a free game for the whole family where you will have to...
  17. Hindi Motivational Quotes & Daily Suvichar

    We all have our highs and lows, and sometimes all we need is a dose of motivation and inspiration to keep us going. Daily Suvichar is the trusted platform for over 900,000+ Facebook users as the BEST...
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    Roaster Earn - Play and Earn

    Roaster Earn app is for those who wants to win some real and exciting gifts online using their smartphone. There are several easy tasks integrated inside the Roaster Earn app which you can complete....
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    [APP][FREE] Police Truck Chase

    Drive your favorite truck as fast as you can to avoid the chasing police trucks. Dodge them and earn rewards. Dodge them all and collect lots of rewards to unlock new trucks. Avoid obstacles and have...
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    Echo Radio – Live AM FM App

    *** About Echo Radio ***

    To hear online radio on your mobile handheld you can download the internet radio app - Echo Radio.

    This unique live online radio app offers the special feature of...
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    Football 3.0 - Best Soccer Training App

    The most innovative training method for the global market of 265 million soccer players is now coming from the soccer stronghold Munich as a digital APP.

    Developed together with soccer players,...
  22. [APP][FREE] Flamingo VPN – Unblock Social & Secure Internet

    Flamingo VPN is a fast app that provides free VPN service to unlock blocked websites and apps. It does not require any effort or long steps to unblock, just one tap on the “Connect” button and then...
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    Mapd map - friend recommendation App

    Mapd helps you create a map of the world with friends, share the best places from your travels, where you live and all the other experiences that you feel is worth sharing with friends.

    It works...
  24. [APP][FREE] Be Healthy: Health and Eating tips daily

    Are you seeking help to lose weight? Tired of following different diet plans without getting any results? Would you like to get real and authentic information, guidance and tips on how to lose weight...
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    Plum Village: Zen Meditation

    The Plum Village app can support us to cultivate mindfulness, compassion and joy through guided meditations, deep relaxations, practice poems, bells of mindfulness and many other practices.

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