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    ATT insurance price changes

    I just upgraded 2 phones and was told ATT raised the price to $14 per line. I am grandfathered in on 3 phones at 8.99 and asked they allow that on one new line. After 3 escalations up was told it...
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    Need away notification smartwatch

    I have an android Note 20. I am looking for a large faced watch that has the capability to sync with my Note and give me an alert when I wander to far away. I would need an app for my phone and a...
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    HELP! Chrome/Note 20 issue

    My old phone automatically logged me in my websites as I guess it stored that data. Somehow I got this page popping up on most sites. When I click continue it doesn't log me in automatically it...
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    Text pics download off and on.

    I have a Samsung S7 and sometimes an attached picture in a text won't download. I don't think its a size issue as I routinely get pics from this person who also has an S7. However, he just got an...
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    Thanks for the advice and confirmation.

    Thanks for the advice and confirmation.
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    Canadian coverage with unlimited and more

    I spoke with ATT to confirm what I had read and the rep had to keep going offline to research.

    I wanted to confirm that with my unlimited more plan I can still have unlimited voice and data while...
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    Think ATT would match Verizon Visible offer?

    I prefer to stay with ATT but I pay for added lines (4) and ulimited texts, and 20GB of data shared. With all the taxes and junk its around $210 with work discount.

    The no contract Verizon...
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    The $50 eBay deal is very good for the phone 1200...

    The $50 eBay deal is very good for the phone 1200 minutes, 1200 texts, and 1200 data for one year for my needs. At the end of the year do you know what the cheapest card is and is it good for only...
  9. This is exactly what I meant by anonymous. Cash...

    This is exactly what I meant by anonymous. Cash purchase and bogus online registration and you are good to go. I don't want one for anything devious. I just don't want some people to have my real...
  10. True anonymous plan without monthly plan like old T-Mobile pay as you go

    I use to get a T-Mobile phone from Walmart and normally the prepaid card was good for like 3 months, even the $10 card. Is there a cheap phone out there which doesn't require a dedicated monthly...
  11. Help shutting down unknown notifications please S7

    I have gone thru applications, notifications, etc. but seem to still be getting audio notifications for things. One thing especially when it sounds I think its a phone call, text, email, etc. and...
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    Need Go Phone recommendation

    I have 4 lines two under contract. My current 4S is sluggish and I am not a real Apple fan and don't want to get into another contract as I pay over $200 per month now. I have a work 5C so use my...
  13. Thread: "Next" question

    by mike62

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
  14. Thread: "Next" question

    by mike62

    "Next" question

    We have the family share with 4 phones. Two are not under contract. I don't really like adding the $20+ per month for upgrades the way things are done now.

    Last night in chat an ATT CS told me...
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    Audio notifications come and go. HELP!

    My work phone is now a 5S. It was a 4S (which worked perfect) and they pulled them and gave the 5C. Almost immediately my text and email audio notifications would stop working for a bit. Then they...
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    Suggestions for keeping phone on plan or not?

    We have a family plan of 4 phones and 3 are smart phones. The total bill is around $208. My wife's phone is an old flip phone and she does not use data but its years old and its about done. She...
  17. Help on plan options for me please I'm getting too old for ciphering.

    We have two iPhones and two non-smart phones. None of them are under contract any longer. I hear about sharing, unlimited non-smart data plans, etc. We have the 750 minute plan with two data plans...
  18. Thanks joeschmeaux. The 100 texts is I am sure a...

    Thanks joeschmeaux. The 100 texts is I am sure a big over estimation it could range from 10-100 a month but 100 probably never likely I just like to be safe and over estimate.
  19. I think that is still the best for me with the...

    I think that is still the best for me with the better coverage area. It is also one of the few that allow you to purchase a $10.00 card good for 90 days which is pretty good. The cost per minute...
  20. Very limited use prepaid needed with the following restrictions....

    I need a prepaid phone that is:

    1. the cheapest monthly option without a lot of constant renewing (90 days is ok). One that will allow me to send texts as part of the minute plan.

    2. allows...
  21. Hpc

    Duh... ok....Home Phone Connect?

    I don't really need the home phone connect I have found our home number never rings it seems. I guess I just have to look at the numbers and see if the cost of...
  22. Hpc?

    I am not familiar with the HPC unlimited calling plan can you explain what that is exactly? The cheapest thing I saw was the 39.99 individual plan.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Contacts won't sort by First, Last

    It is pretty simple to go into settings and change the sort order, however, my iPhone 4s will not sort first name last name.

    It is all Last name, first name.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  24. Changing 3 VZW lines to ATT...1 VZW line question

    I moved 3 of 4 lines to ATT. Currently I have home connect which I will have to pay the 145.00 penalty unless I find a friend who wants to take over the line....not likely really.

    My question is...
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    Home connect

    Actually I did that about 2 weeks ago and they do have a 9.99 option it simply makes you use your existing
    minute plan but we have the 1400 with 10 friends and family and VZW M2M and F&F is good on...
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