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    Petrocan automatic topup timing

    I have just set up automatic top-ups on my Petrocan account. I can set the renewal timing to every 120 days and at an amount of $25 for 120 days. Anyone know if Petrocan will renew before the old...
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    activation IMEI

    I am looking at the Petrocan web activation form for a PC SIM. It wants my IMEI. Does anyone know what it does with this? Is there any sense in which I am restricted about moving my PC SIM to a...
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    Bell Cheapest EV-DO?

    I am in Ontario cottage country and I know Bell has decent EV-DO coverage. What's the cheapest, ideally PAYG method to buy access to Bell EV-DO coverage?

    Is there a reseller/MVNO that uses the...
  4. I've gotten something going using an old 6190. I...

    I've gotten something going using an old 6190. I unlocked it with an old copy of Nokall, connected it with a DAU9 cable and am using this stuff to...
  5. handset to interface to automated SMS application

    I want to set up a private SMS gateway to allow me control of some applications. My plan is to subscribe to one of the cheapie GSM PAYG schemes (7-11 or Petrocan) and buy a block of time that will...
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