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  1. if u repair your iphone4 by yourself, which quality should u buy?

    As we know,when our iphone is broken, the repair cost will be very higher,and the screens repairer use is usually copy,quality is not so good.In fact, repalcing screens is very easy, if u do not...
  2. which quality products u should choose when u repair iphone or ipad?

    how to distinguish original screens and copy screens? what is their difference?
    This is our new shop, welcome to see ...
  3. What is original refurbish iphone4 4s 5 5s 5c 6 6+ lcd screens?

    Quality: Refurbished. Grade A.No Bad Pixel, No Dust.Quality is best that second only to Original Screens. Original LCD Module(as a whole, Original LCD + Original Touch + Original LCD Flex Cable +...
  4. how do we test screens/ iphone4 4s test video

    How do we test iphone series lcd screen assembly? there is mainly 2 point.
    First, before they enter into market, iphone 4/4s screens need past factory's test. for example, no statics, no poor...
  5. which quality should u choose when u replace new iphone4 4s screens

    on current markeon current market, there is many kinds of quality for iphone4/4s lcd screen assembly, some is total copy, copy lcd,copy touch,copy flex cable. some is original lcd, copy touch, copy...
  6. large clear photo for iphone6/6 plus lcd screen assembly

    Hello everyone, large clear iPhone6/6 plus full original brand new lcd screens come. As we know, this LCD screens from SHARP.
  7. Sold: WTS:full original and brand new iPhone 5 lcd screen assembly

    Professionally supply iphone5 lcd screen assembly

    113259Quality: Full original and brand new from SHARP or LG, Grade A. No Bad Pixel, No Dust. Best quality on the market. There are at least...
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