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  1. Is AT&T Passport Plan truly Unlimited Text Send & Receive while in Europe?

    I live in the US, and I am traveling to Europe later this month. I noticed for $30 extra, Unlimited Text is included while traveling. I also noticed towards the bottom it saids:

    3 - Unlimited...
  2. T-Mobile Prepaid Service vs Regular No Contract Service.

    Ok what is the difference? T-Mobile Prepaid is actually cheaper at $40/mos w/3GB vs Regular No Contract at $50/mos w/2GB. As long as I have my own phone, why would anyone choose the more expensive...
  3. What ringtone files does a Samsung A197 & LG Encore use?

    I want to create custom ringtones for these two phones. Does anyone know if they .mp3? If not, what file type do they accept? Thanks. ps. both phones locked to at&t network.
  4. wait, so at&t can do that?! cRazy

    wait, so at&t can do that?! cRazy
  5. sorry. yes its at&t.

    sorry. yes its at&t.
  6. How can you tell if a phone is "ROOTED"?

    I have this Samsung Galaxy S i897 Captivate - 16GB Smartphone for at&t. Supposedly its "rooted." How can I go about and finding out if this is true?
  7. postpaid account. thinking of switching sim...

    postpaid account.

    thinking of switching sim card into a prepaid smartphone phone
  8. If buy prepaid replacement phone, will data automatically be added?

    My friend's phone got lost and now needs a replacement phone. Used to have a basic phone but now whats a smartphone. Say we buy the LG thrive (prepaid) and put the sim card, will the data plan be...
  9. How to Remove Google Account on Captivate? Help

    I went under Settings, Accounts & Sync, and then under "Manager accounts" i see my gmail account. When I click on it, it saids "Remove Account". When I click on it, it saids "This account is required...
  10. How to use t-zones as full internet on unlocked iPhone w/t-mobile?

    And 2.1 firmware.
    I know theres a way.
  11. 1st Gen -iPhone Echo reported by callers?!

    1st Gen iPhone on 2.1, When I talk to people, I hear fine but people on the other end hear annoying echoing of themselves. I tested it with several phones and its true! :(
    Any way to fix this...??...
  12. Where can I find a replacement for the bottom of my iphone?

    So in the attached picture, that bottom part came off my 1st generation iphone. Where can I find & order a replacement one? I already tried my mall (accessories carts) and few at&t stores.
  13. SSH into phone using cyberduck/WinSCP 1....

    SSH into phone using cyberduck/WinSCP

    1. navigate to to /private/var/root/Library/ and copy lockdown folder to your desktop (for backup just in case

    CAN YOU TELL ME exactly how to "SSH"??
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    I need some help!

    1st generation 8gb iPhone v2.2 just unlocked and jailbreak using QuickPwn.
    I have my T-mobile Sim and it has 4 bars and "T-mobile" word with a "E" but the main screen saids DIFFERENT SIM DETECTED....
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    If I cancel Rhapsody (verizon),

    Will the songs be deleted from my phone? I keep them right? I could easily play them on any wma. player right?
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    how easy is it jailbreak? is it widely availble...

    how easy is it jailbreak? is it widely availble for the 3g iphone. or is not allowed to be talked here?
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    Whats JAILBREAK?

    I see all the time on EBay,

    What exactly is JAILBREAK????
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    Is this possibie with IPhone?

    Say I get the 16gb for $300 w/2 yr...
    So I call customer service say I "lost" my phone and change my plan to a regular $39.99 450min plan W/OUT internet and then the next day pop my SIM card to the...
  19. Does Unlocked IPhone Work with Free Wifi?

    Does an Unlocked IPhone w/ a different carrier sim card (besides at&t) work with a free WiFi connection? (example: tmobile plan W/OUT internet plan).

    Will it work with regular iPhone or 3G iPhone...
  20. Will At&t charge me if I keep 3G iPhone and pay ETF?

    So If I decided to cancel my contract w/AT&T and pay the early cancellation fees, will they charge me additional fees for not returning the 3G iPHone (assume i paid $200 w/2 yr contract)? If so how...
  21. thats right huh? duh!

    thats right huh? duh!
  22. Do you know if the tmobile $20 internet plan or...

    Do you know if the tmobile $20 internet plan or $20 blackberry plan (thats what i have now w/my Wing) will work the internet on the 1st gen unlocked iphone?

    also. what does jailbreak mean?...
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    whys that? would it be possible because you are...

    whys that? would it be possible because you are using a wi-fi (my home/work network) and im not paying to use the edge or 3g.
    (im confused now)
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    when buying a used iphone 1

    the older generation, can you use the wifi applications (like the DL'ed content, maps, etc) w/out the internet plan? I want the iphone but cant afford the internet plan.
  25. can u DL Shazam for the TOUCH?

    can u DL Shazam for the TOUCH?
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