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    Copying contacts to LG A380 feature phone

    My spouse is moving from a smartphone (HTC One (M7)) and back to a feature phone (LG A380).

    How can I get her contacts imported to the LG A380?

    It doesn't seem likely I can copy individual...
  2. Being as it's now the end of 2012, it should...

    Being as it's now the end of 2012, it should probably be said that this link no longer works. You'll have to manually set your phone.

    . . . now, if you don't mind, I'm continuing on my way to try...
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    I can get a memory error practically 100% of the...

    I can get a memory error practically 100% of the time, just by running Gravity and Opera Mobile at the same time. Correction: I usually have Pixelpipe and Youlu running, too. I was, frankly,...
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    I still own an E71 and a week doesn't go by that...

    I still own an E71 and a week doesn't go by that I don't think about selling my N8 and returning to the E71. At this point in time, I'm not sure I can recommend another Nokia device, to anyone....
  5. I get those useless "5" messages, too

    Actually, I got those weird messages before Free-iSMS was installed. I had SMSChat installed, but I think I got those messages before that, too.

    They drive me up a tree; I get one message to tell...
  6. Unecessary message when new voice mail received, deleted

    This is strange behavior, on my Nokia E71. Is there some setting I've made, that I can fix?

    When someone leaves a voice mail message, I get the notification, in the bottom of the Home Screen. But,...
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    Unlimited data plans pricing using random number generator?

    How the frick do you have a $10/month unlimited data plan?! Is that on the E71?

    [Sheesh, how does AT&T sell its' data plans - does it involve spinning the Wheel of Fortune or something?!]
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    Either it will work, or it won't

    Wow. It looks like I'm just going to have to call customer service at AT&T, give them the IMEI for the non-smart phone, then switch the SIM over to the E71 and see what happens. Just within this...
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    How to "register in OLAM"?

    What do you mean by "letting it register in OLAM"?

    When I put the SIM in to my almost-never-used Nokia 6010, and used it for a couple of calls, OLAM still didn't open up a new option for selection...
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    'Cannot figure out how to create a new tweet, using Gravity

    I like the Gravity interface. But, on my E71, I cannot figure out how to write and send a new tweet.

    Crazy. I can see my timeline. I can delete and re-tweet. But, I cannot figure out how to create...
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    Show me the line in the sand which separates PDA Plan from MediaNet

    It probably would take something like that. Here's a portion of the email I received, when I asked AT&T why the MediaNet plan wasn't available to me on OLAM:

    "The reason the media net unlimited is...
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    How to switch from PDA Data Plan to Unlimited Media Net Plan?

    I don't get it. I purchased an unbranded E-71, then took it to AT&T and they got me into a PDA Data Plan ($30 a month).

    I see now that was dumb of me. :doh:

    However, when I go to OLAM, I find...
  13. Is technology or market forces driving cost of data delivered thru phone, to handheld

    So far as the carrier is concerned - technologically speaking - what's the difference with 500kb sent to a phone and 500kb sent through a phone and on to a handheld?

    When it comes to voice plans,...
  14. Option to connect via dialup, without tethering?

    Is it still possible, using VZW and pairing the phone to the iPAQ 210 (via Bluetooth), for me to connect the iPAQ using a dialup connection?

    I recognize what this will do, should I wish to use the...
  15. Thank you, C DM. You are correct; I have an iPAQ...

    Thank you, C DM. You are correct; I have an iPAQ which is not a phone. It's just a PDA - you know, like the old days, before smartphones.

    I'm just not ready to have my pocket computer put into the...
  16. Phone and plan recommendations to tether iPAQ 210?

    What are suggestions for the least expensive VZW phone and plan that will allow me to connect an iPAQ 210 to the internet?

    I cannot yet commit to phone/pocket PC convergence; allowing a cell phone...
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    On news of "Handset market stalls" there'll be higher plan costs?

    Amazing. Talk of higher plan costs, or mandatory data plan requirements, when the news is "Handset market stalls"?

    "The world's top mobile phone makers fear further weakening demand after...
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