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    What difference between lg g4 VS986 & H810

    My VS986 just died and I want to replace it with a refurbished one from Amazon. The offer both versions and I'd like to know what are the differences that matter to me please. My current VS986 has...
  2. Want to connect 3 devices by Bluetooth as described below

    I have a Windows 10 computer up-to-date, an Echo-Dot and a set of Bose Bluetooth headphones. I would like to play the computer (with Bluetooth capability) and the Echo-Dot through my Bose Bluetooth...
  3. Pairing, connecting headphones, echo-dot, computer and smartphone - is very confusing

    I can't find anywhere on the Internet a clear explanation of how pairing and connecting (and disconnecting) these devices work. If anyone can help, I can give many more details. Does anyone know...
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