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  1. For Sale: Portable mini jump starter 15800mAh

    With a fully charged battery you will be able to:

    start a car ~15 times;
    charge a smartphone ~5 times;
    charge a laptop ~2 times;
    use a flashlight ~35h;
    send SOS signal ~100h.
  2. For Sale: QI wireless charger and receiver for Samsung S5

    With this wireless charger you can charge all smartphones that support "Qi" function and Samsung Galaxy S5 (need to place receiver card into the phone).

    Manufacturer's characteristics:
  3. For Sale: Universal and portable solar charger 10000mAh

    High quality and widely adaptable portable solar power bank of real capacity of 10000mAh. It's compatible with all usb devices, including Samsung, Nokia, LG, iPhone, Huawei, Sony smartphones,...
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