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  1. Single line moved from Personal account to Business

    Recently my Verzion personal line was moved to my company's Verizon business account. That way I could keep the number and my company will pay for my cell service. So I was just wondering about my...
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    My cycle just renewed yesterday. Verizon's...

    My cycle just renewed yesterday. Verizon's website shows 1.00GB used and Unlimited Data remaining.
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    gUDP worth keeping anymore?

    I am still holding on to my $49.99 Unlimited Data, $34.99 300 min Nationwide, $9.99 1,000 texts (~$88 a month with my employee discount)

    I use anywhere from 20GB to 45GB a month.

    I am...
  4. $75/$85 month Unlimited Data Plan Data Usage and any slow downs after 22GB

    I was wondering for those on the $75/$85 Unlimited Data Plan..

    What is the most data you have used in a month?

    After 22GB have you experienced any slow downs?
    And does it last until the end...
  5. I understand that is a loan that will hit my...

    I understand that is a loan that will hit my credit.

    I would rather not get another credit right now. I already have 6 credit cards and I am only 23. (No debt, just got them over the years for...
  6. Can I use Apple Upgrade Program even though I have no upgrade on Verizon

    I currently have no upgrade available on my Verizon account. And I was wondering if I could still use the Apple Upgrade Program to get a new iPhone. Or do I still need to have a available upgrade on...
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    When I preordered the only option to start...

    When I preordered the only option to start checkout was to put in my Verizon account info. I didn't want to but there was no unlocked iPhone option yet. And the unlocked T-Mobile version which does...
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    Suspending Line and Preordered iPhone

    I preordered a iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Friday morning a minute after the preorder started at the Apple store online and payed full price $1000+. The order went fine and I have my email saying it is...
  9. Apple iPhone Upgrade Program and switching carriers

    I am interested in the Apple iPhone Upgrade program through the apple website. (Since I do not have any apple store within 4 hours of where I live.) But what I wonder about is I have a company iPhone...
  10. I would like to know also. I am still in contract...

    I would like to know also. I am still in contract so my Unlimted Data is still at $29.99.
  11. From what I read it was switching to the 2GB plan

    From what I read it was switching to the 2GB plan
  12. Apple iPhone Upgrade Program and Unlimted Data

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using Apple's iPhone upgrade program when having Unlimted Data? I found some articles about Verizon saying that since it is not through them people...
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    Assumption of Liability Department hours

    Does anyone know the hours for the Assumption of Liability Department (AOL)? Are they open on Sundays?
  14. I have bought a couple used tmobile signal...

    I have bought a couple used tmobile signal boosters and they work fine with my 5GB $30 plan. The ones I bought used I didnt not have to do anything to get them to work. I just plugged in the window...
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    Taxes on Additional Lines

    I am on the Directv $100 Unlimited Plan with one iPhone. And I am thinking about adding my mother to my plan. But I wanted to get a idea about the taxes. My bill last month was $99.78 after 21%...
  16. BYOD and 6 Month windows until able to use NEXT

    A few months ago I signed up for the Unlimited data plan and brought my iPhone 6S Plus from T-Mobile. And everything has been great so far. But after playing around in myatt account I noticed for...
  17. Does Directv and Wireless have to be combined billing?

    I have Directv and I signed up for the Unlimited Data plan recently. And I do not have combined billing. I just have the two separate accounts linked under the my att website so they both show up in...
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    Considering AT&T Next

    I plan on getting the new iPhone that comes in September and I am thinking about trying out "AT&T Next 12: Trade in and upgrade after 12 installments; 20 installments to payoff." Because I usually...
  19. Great, I will open a dispute.

    Great, I will open a dispute.
  20. Register 4G LTE CellSpot with prepaid account

    I noticed that people are selling the new 4G LTE CellSpots on Ebay for around $70. But Can they be registered with prepaid accounts? I bought one and all it does it flash on the power light and I...
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    Is video still throttled to 600kbps?

    I am interested in coming back to boost mobile and buying a iPhone 6 since they are on sale right now. And also now that there is the $60 unlimited data plan. But is the video quality still throttled...
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    Do they charge you for the 60 days though....

    Do they charge you for the 60 days though. Because I am thinking since my billing cycle is over on March 23 then if I port out on March 20. Then I would not get charged for anything. Since I am did...
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    Porting out of AT&T

    When porting out of AT&T to T-Mobile for instance if the only line on the account with AT&T is the one being ported does AT&T account automatically cancel? Or do you have to call AT&T after porting...
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    That doesn't sound to bad then. Because one of...

    That doesn't sound to bad then. Because one of the things I was worried about was double taxation. The other thing I was wondering about is on the AT&T Next 12 where they are 18 payments but you can...
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    Taxes and Fees on AT&T Next

    I was looking at maybe financing a iPhone on AT&T Next. But I was wondering if there are any added taxes and fees to the monthly payment of the phone.
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