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  1. Addendum

    And thanks for the censorship, HowardForums.
    I guess I'm just a potty mouth.
    Sorry I shared.
  2. Part 5

    14979] --eIOTA-MIME-Boundary--

    14979] HTTP: Processing POST
    14979] HTTP POST /opm/ht/3gpd?ID=E617462329Q9&opmid=%3A...
  3. Part 4

    Content-Type: "application/vnd.phonecom.mmc-xml"
    Content-ID: "<[email protected]>"

    <?xml version="1.1"?>
    <status mmcID="14968" mmc="ok">
    <detail id="1"...
  4. Part 3

    [KKA: You may need to "reboot" your card (ie. eject and reinsert
    it) before executing the next command. I'm not sure this is really
    required (I doubt it) but I did it just in case. Either way,...
  5. Part 2

    Here begins an annotated AT command session with the card in
    order to activate/provision it on, oh yeah, not M$ Windorks!
    Note: sensitive values have been changed to amuse the dissident.

  6. Part 1

    No "Right of the First Insert"


    Activating the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595
    for Sprint Mobile Broadband
    on any Damn Operating System You Want!...
  7. Activating the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 on Not-Windows

    Well, I tried to tell you how, but I can't post it because this POS has decided my explanation is too long. Guess I'll have to get creative.
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