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  1. Check SIM before you buy

    If I remember correctly that box only had 2/3G. AT&T has sunset 2G and T-Mobile's 2G is basically M2M and can not hold conversation time depending on your location.
    AT&T will also be sunsetting 3G...
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    Don't waddle

    With case IDs closed there is nothing outstanding or pending. Closed is closed.
    Don't waddle -- run as fast as you can.
  3. Looking for Pay-Go with International Roaming

    With Lycamobile Pay-as-you go now officially dead for me, anyone have recommendations for inexpensive per call basis pay-as-you go that has international roaming beyond Mexico and Canada? My main...
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    That would make sense because AT&T would not want...

    That would make sense because AT&T would not want to activate phones that do not support the technology well before the end of 3G. Allowing for ample notice for those using such devices and denying...
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    Psuedo landline

    I was able to get the unlock code for free on AT&T website and now was able to use on Lycamobile. Will probably switch her to FreeUp when/if Lyca pay-per goes away.
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    Grandma uses one with own familiar home phones,...

    Grandma uses one with own familiar home phones, it creates dialtone and calling in and out all same as the long gone landline. Available on ebay here:...
  7. My Truphone port-in experience (fiasco) for anyone interested - DON'T

    This is a general FYI for anyone who may be interested in porting a number in to Truphone.
    Background: I had been on Tello .03 minute/pay-as-you-go for almost 2 years.
    After assessing that...
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    I'm suspecting that Lycamobile is doing it in...

    I'm suspecting that Lycamobile is doing it in waves, not wanting everyone to port out all at the same time. There may also include some other condition along with this as to how the account is...
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    I've been using them for years. It is as everyone says. I've posted my referral link.
  10. I ported over my number at the beginning of...

    I ported over my number at the beginning of December and also immediately got about 2 a day.
    Most likely as someone else posted here: "When you port or establish a new number it gets updated in...
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    Well then this must be what Sprint is like in my...

    Well then this must be what Sprint is like in my area. It's all around, surfing, uploading, downloading, opening apps, phone displays LTE 100% of the time, phone responds as it should off net on...
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    Boston area here too. I am suspecting that Sprint is somehow deprioritizing by account type (Free) or maybe this is the actual speed of this network. I was with AT&T and it wasn't ever this bad....
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    Unlock LG AF300 Wireless Home Phone

    This unit was originally sold by AT&T. I managed to get the unlock code to hopefully use it on the T-Mobile network. Unfortunately there is no display as you just connect a dumb landline phone to it....
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    Non Expiry AT&T Prepaid

    Does anyone know if there is any pay as you go on AT&T that does not have expiration on cash funds as long as there is activity? Appreciate sharing of any knowledge.
  15. Phone Connect

    I have activated two, one for my grandparents and another for my parents. It does not have a SIM card slot so you have to call in the ESN to activate. There's nothing mysterious about it.
  16. Grandparents

    The cost of a traditional wired line was getting outrageous and I set up my gramps on Tello on this:
    It's cheap and...
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    Old prepaid SIM activation kit

    Just posting a question here. Why do the older SIM cards have expiration dates? I had an old kit lying around and wanted/needed to start a new line and it is no go. Do the current ones also expire?
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    Virtual Credit Card

    A virtual credit card is set up to be used online and not in the physical world. Freedompop must be processing as such. Just like you wouldn't be able to go to a storefront and use that number.
  19. Explain?

    When you call in to CS they also ask for your PIN. What is the difference? I don't quite understand what you're saying here.
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    Wait time

    I don't know the cause but I had them call me back when they said 48minutes to 1 hour wait. They called me back in about 20 minutes. Instant messaging on mytmobile. under contact also works.

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    Certainly not the cheapest but I have used...

    Certainly not the cheapest but I have used Truphone extensively in Europe. Welcoming text with rate information on landing in each next country and solid service from my personal experience. Yes it's...
  22. @AmandaCL

    Interested in knowing where you are located. That is pretty bad even for the last place Sprint.
  23. T-Mobile

    Minimum she will have to spend each month is $3
    Add a $20 card and it will deduct monthly from it or charge for the excess of 30 minutes until $ is used up
    She can check balance through the phone...
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    Not a problem

    Just dialed 844-229-9564 here in the Northeast and it connects and is working fine for me
  25. Try different browsers. Chrome works better on...

    Try different browsers. Chrome works better on their funky website than IE for me and then keep on moving on to any other until you get in it. I've had times when Chrome didn't work and had to move...
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