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  1. Cannot Connect to 801.x EAP Network + 3G Automatically (Related?)

    Hi, I am having problems with both types of connections. Before getting my 005SH (already on Android 2.3.4), I do not have any such problems with my HTC Desire Z; all I had to do was to follow the...
  2. EDIT: Handbrake seems to do the trick for normal...

    EDIT: Handbrake seems to do the trick for normal conversions, thanks!

    Looks like I still need a converter cos' some of my files are 1080p (and all of my files are in 2D; wanted to play around...
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    How do I use the Front Camera for the 005SH?

    I cannot find any option in the Camera apps to activate the Front Camera to take self-portraits...

    Do I need to install other apps to be able to make use of it?

  4. What Software to Use to Convert Videos to Watch on Phones?

    Hi, I want to convert some videos to watch on my 005SH, but I am not sure what to use (Formatfactory used to work for me when I was using my Desire Z, but apparently it does not)

    I need something...
  5. How to View VMG Files from Sharp (and other Keitai?) Smartphones

    Hi guys, I hope this will come in handy!

    While testing the 005SH's backup functions, I found some Japanese programs that can open/process the vmg files that are backups for your Mail.

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    Sticky: Hmmm... Am I right to say that the stock MicroSD...

    Hmmm... Am I right to say that the stock MicroSD card does not contain those sample 3D videos? (Mine came without it...)
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