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  1. Get an NEW phone for FREE with this special promotion

    ... on a budget and want reliable communications?

    Get these sturdy and durable Sony Ericsson phones for FREE with activation on our Nationwide coverage ...

    Sony K310...
  2. Bring your Own Fabulous Phone - Now easier and more flexible than ever!

    REAL Mobile opens the path for an easier way to connect your existing phone ... no matter what your original carrier..


    Bring Your Own Fabulous Phone ... and $$$$ SAVE
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    FREE Phones!

    FREE phones are in ...

    We received some close outs and carrier return phones and are making these available for FREE with modest activations.

    Activate a line for as little as $10.00 (line open...
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    Home Phone lines NOW on REAL Mobile!

    Remember when your home phone line was less the $20.00? How about one for $10.00!?

    Home phone service has never been easier. The Home Connect Station works with your own cordless or corded handset...
  5. Need an NEW High Speed Phone for less than $80 bucks?!

    Need a new phone?

    How about the Very affordable Android LTE phone from Motorola sports a 4.5-inch Corning Gorilla display, 5-megapixel camera, front camera and fast LTE 4G data. Other features...
  6. sorry, I was not clear. Only for Florida...

    sorry, I was not clear.

    Only for Florida residents sales tax. There are no activation fees whatsoever.

  7. hello Only for Florida residents


    Only for Florida residents
  8. Hello: Please look again...


    Please look again. S I M cards are $5.95 with a 50% discount to Howard Forum members. Use discount code 'howardme'.

  9. REAL Now Activates Verizon and other brands

    Effective immediately REAL Mobile is activating Verizon, AT&T and Tmobile phones on its CDMA plans. The select authorized list is below. Additional models will come online in the future.

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    iPhone Special for Howard Forum members

    Get your Year off the ground with an inexpensive iPhone deal from REAL Mobile
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