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  1. I can send texts but I am not able to receive texts. *Phone Specs in the thread

    I am having a weird issue. I am able to send texts using my phone, as well as make and receive phone calls and use data (wifi and cellular), but I am unable to receive any texts.

    In short, the...
  2. Apple Watch doesn't turn on after battery replacement

    I just got an Apple Watch Series 2 that had a swollen battery that popped the watch face off.
    I took the battery out and replaced it with a new one.
    The "green snake" ("charge me please") shows...
  3. I have an ATT phone. Can I just switch my SIM...

    I have an ATT phone. Can I just switch my SIM card and see if it works without messing up my SIM card?
  4. Using an iPhone 5s model number MF357PP/A | A1530 | Asia Pacific in the USA

    I just got an iPhone 5s MF357PP/A | A1530 | Asian Pacific phone from a friend in the Philippines.

    I was wondering if I could use this phone here in the US? If so, what carrier will this work...
  5. How to reset iStation NF-II PMP Windows CE stuck in Korean language?

    I just got a Korean iStation NF-II PMP Windows CE 5 machine. I am not even sure if these devices released outside of Korea.

    My question is how do I change the language to English? I tried, but I...
  6. LG Optimus D415 frozen at Tmobile Splash Screen

    Whenever I start up my LG Optimus D415 it shows the LG logo, then goes to the Tmobile screen and freezes there. It stays there forever until I pull out the battery or it dies.
    I can't seem to find...
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