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  1. kritter, kritter, kritter....

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by KrazyKritter
    But seeing as you did read that thread you basically ignored the main point! Your thread subject has nothing to do with your actual question.
  2. Thanks, Angel. I wasn't clear in my question. ...

    Thanks, Angel. I wasn't clear in my question. The ring is set to loudest in the Normal profile that I use, but it's still pretty lame compared to the other phone I have, for example. I meant -...
  3. Shaking, afraid to ask, after having read "Everyone please read, especially newbies!"

    Read all the admonishments about searching, and yet, would like a little welcome... and a lecture :arguing: , if you must.

    (Also, consider that knowing what to ask sometimes requires more...
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    Sticky: a newbie needs a good $ source for a 512 mmc


    Just got a 3620 (and just joined this forum) Following some suggestions on this forum, that one can never have enough memory, I'd like to get a 512 card, but ouch, they are expensive. ...
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