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  1. For Sale: Apple Watch Sport 42MM Space Grey w/ Black Band Plus Extras $340 OBO Shipped

    Good morning/afternoon Everyone,

    I've decided to part w/ my AW as I'm more of a watch collector and prefer wearing those. The watch is in excellent condition and is under warranty until August...
  2. For Sale: 38MM Stainless Steel w/ Black Sports Band Apple Watch $530 Shipped

    Afternoon everyone,

    Just received my AW, 38 SS w/ BSB, yesterday and not really sold on it so I've decided to sell it. My lost is your gain as I'm not looking to make a profit on it. Asking price...
  3. For Sale: XBOX One w/ Kinect And A Couple of Games $350 Shipped

    I've decided it's time to make the switch over to the PS4 so as a result I'm selling my XBOX One. I purchased it in January 2014 and it's been in great shape ever since. The XB1 includes the Kinect...
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    Sold: AT&T iPhone 5 16GB $175 Shipped

    Morning all. Recently switched over the 5S so I'm no longer using the 5. The phone is in good condition as it was kept in a case for the duration of use. It is an AT&T iPhone 5 16GB and the asking...
  5. For Sale: Price drop...$300 shipped

    Price drop...$300 shipped
  6. For Sale: 32GB iPad 4th Gen w/ WIFI + AT&T LTE $375 OBO Shipped

    Good evening,

    Currently parting ways with my AT&T iPad 32GB 4th. iPad is in excellent condition and includes the charger as well as a case. Asking price for the iPad is $375 OBO shipped. Shoot...
  7. For Sale: AT&T iPhone 5S 16GB Space Grey...$350 OBO Shipped

    I have a 16GB AT&T iPhone 5S SG in excellent condition that I'm willing to sell since upgrading. Asking price is $350 OBO shipped. Phone is free and clear meaning no activation lock and/or NEXT...
  8. For Sale: Price drop $350.

    Price drop $350.
  9. For Sale: AT&T iPad AIr 64GB Space Grey $425 Shipped

    Morning everyone,

    Recently decided to leave AT&T for VZ so as a result I'm parting with my AT&T iPad. I originally purchased the iPad back in March at an AT&T store. I've kept the iPad in a case...
  10. For Sale: FS: iPad 4 32GB AT&T LTE $350 OBO Shipped

    Afternoon everyone,

    Parting with a 32GB iPad 4 from AT&T. iPad is in good shape and has been wiped clean. This is for the device and charger only. Asking price is $350 OBO shipped. Shoot me an...
  11. For Sale: 3 Shure M44-7s & DJ Laptop Stand $120 Shipped

    I have 2 sets of needles and over the weekend I decided I'd rather just have one set with extra styli. As a result of this decision I'm selling my (3) Shure M44-7s mounted on a Technics head-shell....
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    For Sale: Pioneer DJM 909 DJ Mixer $425 Shipped

    Looks like it may be time to finally grab the 61 so as a result the 909 has to go. I've had this mixer since April and had no issues with it. Mixer is in solid condition and fully functional. Asking...
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    For Sale: Nike FuelBand Clear $70 OBO Shipped

    Morning all and happy Monday. I've decided to part w/ my Nike Fuelband as I don't really use it as much as I thought I would when I purchased it a while ago. The band is fully functional and...
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    For Sale: Technics SL 1200 MK2 $350 OBO Shipped

    Selling my Extra Technic 1200 MK2 as I no longer have a need for it. Table is in decent shape and fully functional. The table also includes a chrome faceplate for it as well and a Shure needle....
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    iPad 4 32GB w/ AT&T Service

    Recently purchased an iPad Air so I have no need for 2 devices. iPad 4 32GB AT&T is in excellent condition and fully functional. Asking price is $450 OBO. If interested shoot me a PM or email to...
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    For Sale: Price drop: $100 OBO shipped...packed up and...

    Price drop:

    $100 OBO shipped...packed up and ready to go
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    For Sale: Price drop $475 shipped

    Price drop $475 shipped
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    For Sale: Pioneer DJM 909 Mixer $600 OBO Shipped

    Purchased this mixer back in August from Guitar Center. Had too many issues w/ my 1200s today so I had to part w/ them and made the transition back to a controller. The mixer is in great condition...
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    For Sale: XBOX 360 4GB White $125 OBO Shipped

    XBOX 360 4GB white collecting dust so why not sell it. System is fully functional and it is in mint condition. Original box and accessories are included w/ the system. Asking price is $125 OBO. Shoot...
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    For Sale: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 $50 OBO Shipped

    Ported my lines from T-Mo so I no longer have a need for this phone any longer. My daughter has had it since June 2013 and it's in pretty good condition and fully functional. Asking price for the...
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    For Sale: 2 T-Mobile iPhone 5 16GB

    Decided to leave T-Mo and head to Sprint since my employer offers a discount on the service. As a result I'm selling me and my wife iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. Both phones are in excellent condition and...
  22. How Long Does It Take For Upgrade Eligibility To Be Reset After Returning A Phone?

    Afternoon all. I purchased 2 new iPhone 4S phones on Tuesday and they were delivered today. Me and the mrs decided that we would rather have the iPhone 5 instead so we would like to return the...
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    For Sale: Apple TV 3 $65 Shipped

    Decided to part w/ my ATV3 as I rarely use it these days. I've had it for about 3 or 4 months now and originally purchased it from Best Buy so the warranty is still intact. The ATV3 is in mint...
  24. For Sale: XBOX 360 250GB Along W/ NBA 2K13 $175 Shipped

    Morning everyone. I purchased a XBOX 360 about 2 months ago at Gamestop, still have the receipt even, but I haven't really had the time to play it and I'm preparing for the new XBOX ONE in November....
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    For Sale: Price drop: $450 shipped

    Price drop: $450 shipped
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