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    A32 firmware successfully flashed to my X70, and...

    A32 firmware successfully flashed to my X70, and confirmed working. Hmm, I'm not keen on being the first to try this sort of stuff!

    No apparent differences, but I've not studied it hard.

  2. Poll: Panasonic X70 on Orange... Custom Menus successfully blown away!!

    Afternoon all.

    Just to let you know that my new Panasonic X70 on Orange UK PAYG has now been successfully de-branded!

    I bought this phone on PAYG as I am changing jobs, and urgently needed a...
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    GD95 Firmware Upgrade

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a fully up-to-date Firmware file for the Panasonic GD95? I have looked around the Net without much success.

    I believe that the most up-to-date version is...
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    Well I did my GD87, how about my GD95?!

    Having successfully upgraded my GD87 to Firmware Version A39, I wondered if I could do anything with my Girlfriend's GD95?

    The USB Cable will fit, and CB2000 would talk to it.

    I just wanted to...
  5. Yes, I used electrical insulation tape on pins 4...

    Yes, I used electrical insulation tape on pins 4 and 10.

    The Vodafone button no longer works. All Vodafone Live! settings have to be restored manually, but frankly... who cares? The service was...
  6. Well, Channel Box 2000 allows you to alter all...

    Well, Channel Box 2000 allows you to alter all sorts of parameters. Like the camera white balance. Also lets you calibrate the different frequency bands; adjust the level of sound in the earpiece,...
  7. More on the GD87 flash.... A39

    Interestingly, the outer display on the phone displayed something to the effect of 'GD87 Firmware Loader V1.4'

    So now I have A39 firmware. I really like the fact that it has de-branded all the...
  8. Successfully flashed A39 onto Vodafone branded GD87!

    Well, this is just to let all of you know that I was able to use WinModo 0.11 and my bog-standard USB Cable (from a company called Mobile Action) to get firmware A39 onto my GD87!

    The first flash...
  9. GD87 Firmware - cannot find it for love nor money!

    Evening all. I have a Panasonic GD87 that is running Firmware Version A16.
    I also have a copy of WinMoDo 0.10. I've looked all over the Net for firmware A22 and A39, without success. I'm not too...
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