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  • Hi Howard! Great site!! I have a question about my LG 420 G that I am hoping you can advise me on. I have safelink as my carrier(aka tracfone). I have had the phone for 1 wk now, but last night it suddenly changed my message settings so that all of my texts are being sent as multimedia texts which are more expensive. I have read the manual, spent over 1 hr on the phone with tech support- who were no help but offered to send me another phone that will charge more for messaging (he couldn't tell me which model they were going to replace it with tho, just told me messaging would cost more). There isn't even an option to switch the messaging modes, so am I to believe the phone just switched itself over or is there actually a way to get in there and change it? Tech guy looked into my 0, 30, and 4 parameters, had me enter about a dozen codes, and nothing changed it. PLEASE help, I don't want to replace it with a phone that will be more expensive to use. THANKS!!!!!!!
    I have a samsung impression model SGH-A877,While trying to unlock it i think i did it to much now phone wont do anything but the message i get is (DEMSBL BOOT Loader for MSM6290 uploader Ver. 5.50.)
    can anyone tell me how to fix this problem.
    I am trying to post a thread for a phone for sale but get the following message?

    orlandoflyguy, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    Just wondering if it is possible to sell on your market place section of the forum. I was referred from Kevin from Bongo Wireless. Let me know what pricing it would be and any restrictions and what not. I really am serious and really wanting to post on here. Thanks again.
    Waiting for Cost for participation in marketplace

    This is my mail

    Dits team

    Can you tell me about the costs and benefits of participation in the marketplace section?

    Thank you,

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