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    by Published on 11-06-2018 04:35 PM
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    Canada Post was kind enough to accommodate Pixel 3 week, and dropped off my phone and charging stand earlier this afternoon. I haven't yet put my SIM card in it, but I did set it up with my Gmail account. Here's how I'm getting on with it so far:

    I took this photo in the shadows of my office while Google Assistant was apparently updating over WiFi. Now that it has, the Pixel Stand mode is working as advertised. I even got it to read me the news, which was a neat trick, although I need to set up a Canadian source.

    But I'm guessing you want to know more about the actual phone than its charging stand, so...

    ... Here it is, still in the box! What immediately struck me when I took it out was how much I like its size. For reference it seems about as wide as the LG Nexus 5—not the 5X, the 2013 one—but taller. Some may say that they're getting more for their money with a bigger phone, and that's fine; for me, the less thumb gymnastics I have to perform, the better.

    Check out how my stupid OnePlus categorically refuses to focus on the Pixel's brushed glass finish... I do have to say, though, that I do find said finish entirely unremarkable to the touch, so into a funky cloth case it went straightaway.

    Oh and one thing about the fingerprint reader; I'm having a surprising amount of trouble using it to pull down my notification panel. I thought it might be the fabric case, but even without it the gesture still doesn't seem to work reliably.

    Over on the other side of the glass, annoyances continue. There are just a lot of ways to access Google Assistant here, dare I say too many? You can long-press the pill at the bottom of the home screen, tap on the right side of the non-removable search box above it or give the bottom half of your phone a friendly squeeze. Just one of these ways would be fine, thanks.

    The other big issue that I'm currently trying to solve is getting Google's night mode to stick. When enabled through developer options, your quick settings and app drawer are supposed to have a dark background, instead of the garish white that you'd otherwise see. I keep checking if the setting is enabled (it is) yet the garish white persists.

    Tomorrow I'll have a closer look at the Pixel 3's main attraction: its camera.

    by Published on 11-05-2018 03:43 PM
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    Good news tablet hunters! T-Mobile is launching Samsung's LTE-A flagship tablet this Friday.

    Features include:

    • Android Oreo
    • Facial recognition and an iris scanner
    • Quad speakers
    • S Pen stylus
    • 10.5-inch 2560×1600 Super AMOLED display
    • 13MP rear camera for your quick tablet photo captures and an 8MP front camera for video calling.
    • Octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor
    • Huge 7,300 mAh battery
    • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage
    • Supports microSD slot expansion

    The device costs $700 full retail. You can EIP this unit for $28 down and $28 per month for 24 months with any data plan.

    However T-Mobile is sweetening the pot if you add a new line and activate a 6GB Simple Choice or T-Mobile ONE mobile internet plan or higher with autopay. With this option you'd pay $28 down but after credits you'll only pay $13.42 per month.

    Click here for the awesome optional keyboard: https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mo...2300420a240614

    by Published on 11-01-2018 02:05 PM
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    OnePlus has, in a forum post, clarified the differences between the T-Mobile-branded 6T and the unlocked version you can now buy direct from OnePlus.

    If, for whatever reason, you can't see the image above, the major differences are as follows:

    T-Mobile: mirror black
    Unlocked: midnight black, mirror black

    T-Mobile: 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage
    Unlocked: 6 GB + 128 GB, 8 GB + 128 GB / 256 GB

    T-Mobile: single SIM card slot (because carriers)
    Unlocked: dual SIM card slot

    T-Mobile: T-Mobile network only
    Unlocked: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon

    The T-Mobile version can be network-unlocked once the phone has been paid off in full and used on the network for 40 continuous days. Once the device is network-unlocked then the bootloader will then be unlockable as well. The chart actually shows an error in its bottom-right cell: I'm fairly certain that phones purchased direct from OnePlus have bootloaders that are also unlockable rather than unlocked—the latter would be a pretty big security risk to those who don't understand what any of this means.

    Finally, there are two additional hardware features that you'll find on the company's previous OnePlus 6 but not on either version of the 6T—one is the headphone jack, the other is the notification LED. Never settle!

    Source: OnePlus Forums via XDA

    by Published on 10-30-2018 10:30 AM
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    Apple's event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music has just wrapped. Here are my notes from the livestream, plus videos that were shown at the event...

    opening black & white montage of users and macs (mostly macbooks)

    Tim Cook, CEO:
    76% of new mac users are from china (ok)
    active install base worldwide=100 million macs
    mac os "is the soul of the mac"
    features inspired by pro users, accessible to everyone
    customers love their macs, and one in particular: macbook air
    "it's time for a new macbook air!"

    New MacBook Air:
    "retina display, and a whole lot more..."
    headphone jack, two usb-c/thunderbolt 3 ports
    13.3 inch display, over 4 million pixels
    smaller bezels (black)
    touch id authentication (in keyboard)
    apple t2 security chip
    keyboard - 3rd gen, 4x more stable
    new force touch trackpad, 20% more surface area
    better audio - three mics, louder speakers
    to 16 gb ram
    up to 1.5 tb ssd
    all-day battery life
    17% less volume than previous model
    15.6 mm thick / 2.75 lb weight
    environmentally-friendly - 100% recycled aluminum
    starts at $1,199 usd (8 gb ram / 128 gb storage / core i5)
    order today for delivery next week

    New Mac mini:
    new space grey finish
    4 or 6 core 8th gen cpus
    5x faster performance
    up to 64 gb ram
    up to 2 tb ssd storage
    apple t2 security chip
    thermal cooling, can be stacked
    lots of ports (+ headphone jack!)
    100% recycled aluminum
    starts at $799 usd (8 gb ram / 128 gb ssd / quad-core cpu)
    order today for delivery next week

    New iPad Pro:
    400 million ipads sold, more than all notebooks
    "magic piece of glass" - world's most popular computer
    new model has "liquid retina" lcd display
    smaller bezels, rounded corners
    5.9 mm thick
    11 inch case, same size as 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper
    also bigger 12.9 inch option
    now with face id (portrait or landscape)
    no home button; uses same gestures as iphone x
    new 7 nm a12x bionic chip
    faster than 92% of all portable pcs sold in last 12 months
    same performance as xbox one s in a much smaller package
    up to 1 tb storage capacity, via usb-c port
    port also supports external monitors up to 5k
    port can charge other devices, including iphone
    new 2nd-gen pencil: attaches magnetically, charges wirelessly
    new smart keyboard folio - easier to use
    four speaker audio, 12 mp camera
    gigabit lte in cellular models - esim only?
    11 inch starts at $799 usd (64 gb)
    12.9 inch starts at $999 usd (64 gb)

    iOS 12.1:
    available today
    dual-sim support for xr and xs
    group facetime
    70 new emoji

    by Published on 10-29-2018 05:37 PM
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    Hey T-Mobile fans!

    Are you itching for your next Android upgrade? T-Mobile has you covered! T-Mobile today has introduced the long awaited OnePlus 6T for a great price of $549. Still not convinced? Well the Magenta carrier is sweetening the deal by offering $300 off with eligible trade in! A flagship phone for only $249? You read that right! Tell me more...

    This isn't "up to $300," but rather $300 off period by trading in one of the following:

    Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
    Google: Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL
    LG: V30, V30+, G7, V20, G6
    Motorola: Z2 Force, Z2 Play, Nexus 6
    OnePlus: 6, 5T, 5, 3, 3T, X, 2, 1
    Samsung: Galaxy S8 series, Note 8, Galaxy S7 series, Galaxy S6 series, Note 5

    As a refresher, this thing is seriously packing the goods and rounding out the top are:

    6.41 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340×1080
    Snapdragon 845 processor
    8GB of RAM, and there’s
    Up to 256GB of built-in storage
    3700mAh battery
    16MP front facing camera / 20MP rear
    Android OS: PIE 9.0

    As a T-Mobile flagship it includes all the necessary LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, and 71 plus it supports gotta have geek features like 256 QAM, 4×4 MIMO, carrier aggregation, and License Assisted Access (LAA)

    The OnePlus 6T goes on sale at 3 a.m. PT on Thursday, Nov. 1, and will be available at T-Mobile stores and on T-Mobile.com. New York City residents can purchase the phone from T-Mo's Times Square store starting Monday at 5 p.m. ET.

    T-Mobile will sell the OnePlus 6T model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage.

    EIP Pricing: $0 down and $24.17 per month for 24 months on EIP.
    JOD Pricing: $28 down and $24 per month for 18 months with a $120 buyout.

    With eligible trade in at this price this phone is the one to beat and settling for another mid range phone would make no sense. Who's getting one?

    Still on the fence? Check out this awesome video:

    by Published on 10-29-2018 11:18 AM
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    I've just finished watching the OnePlus 6T announcement; here's a dump of my notes. Spoiler alert: OnePlus has their first official carrier partner in the USA!

    pete lau (first public speech in english):
    pop-up events for premium phones show that users want to try before they buy
    so... oneplus is indeed partnering with t-mobile usa
    from november 5th, the 6t will be available at 5600 stores across the nation

    kyle kiang - head of marketing (na & global):
    oneplus made 1.5 billion USD in revenue last year
    #1 premium smartphone in india for last two quarters
    5 million registered users worldwide

    6t specs:
    6.41 inch display
    2340 x 1080 pixels @ 402 ppi
    19.5:9 full optic amoled screen
    gorilla glass 6
    5 colour display profiles

    screen unlock - in-display fingerprint sensor
    first to market (in united states)
    0.34 seconds to unlock

    20 + 16 mp rear cameras, f/1.7 aperture
    ois + eis
    480 fps slow motion video
    nightscape - low light mode, also coming to oneplus 6
    new portrait mode: studio lighting, with kevin abosch (see below)

    snapdragon 845 / adreno 630
    smart boost (for gaming): uses ram as storage
    6 or 8 gb ram
    128 or 256 gb storage

    3,700 mah battery (23% bigger) with fast charge
    42 global bands - supports 233 carriers across 74 countries

    oxygenos, based on android 9
    airplane mode toggle - plane takes off and lands (ok)
    top (bottom) 10 android phones measured by failure rate
    os devs - team fse (fast, stable, efficient)
    full-screen gestures 2.0

    available in mirror black / midnight black
    $549 USD - 6 + 128 gb
    $579 USD - 8 + 128 gb
    $629 USD - 8 + 256 gb

    t-mobile launch offer: $300 off with trade-in
    30 devices eligible, including all previous oneplus phones

    new accessories:
    bullets type-c, plus dac from cirrus logic
    new backpack with one-hand locking mechanism - $99 USD

    kevin abosch - photographer, op innovation director:
    "so many faces... i love faces..." (?)

    christiano amon, qualcomm president:
    snapdragon 845 sets new bar for performance, ai and connectivity
    congrats to oneplus on t-mobile partnership
    5g is coming soon - oneplus has already sent first 5g tweet (ok)

    today: 5pm pop-up in Times Square T-Mo store - 6T available for purchase
    nov 1 launch in north america / nov 6 launch in europe

    by Published on 10-24-2018 03:05 PM
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    Ah, it's good to be back. And if you're curious, that watchface looks even better in colour! But I'm getting ahead of myself here...

    Seeing how I will shortly be in possession of an almost $1,000 CAD Pixel 3 I've been getting reacquainted with the comparably-expensive smartwatch equivalent—that is, Wear OS. For the country wedding I attended last weekend I charged up my first-generation Skagen Falster to match my other fancy duds.

    And then, of course, I met someone there who was wearing a Pebble. They didn't have to charge their smartwatch for the entire weekend; I had to charge mine twice.

    So upon my return to the big city I immediately re-paired my Pebble 2 SE (I also have a Time and Time Steel) and was quickly reminded of at least five reasons why this cheap and cheerful line of smartwatches is still, almost two years into obsolescence, the best solution for me:

    1. Battery

    At three weeks plus the Amazfit Bip may still be the endurance champ, but the seven to ten days I get from any of my Pebbles is still ample. Even a 48-hour Wear OS device couldn't have made it from Toronto to Vancouver to Taipei to Brisbane to Auckland on a single charge; my banged-up Kickstarter Pebble Time, however, powered through with battery to spare.

    Part of what makes the Pebble lasts so long is its e-paper display, which only needs to light pixels when something changes, which brings us to...

    2. Display

    Sure, colour Pebbles can look a bit washed-out when using their built-in backlight, but for outdoors there is no smartwatch more legible than Pebble. The closest equivalent on Wear OS is the transflective LCD on the Casio Pro-Trek (also visible in the image above) and TicWatch Pro. And both of those displays only show basic information; with a Pebble you get the whole watchface, plus whatever complications come with it.

    Also, no lift-to-wake nonsense here. As with any proper timepiece the time is always visible.

    3. Buttons

    Another thing my Pebbles excel at is skipping ads on podcasts while I'm on a walk. To do the same on a Wear OS watch you'd need to first launch the Media Controls app and then try to skip ahead using the touch screen. I say "try" because if the screen is cold it doesn't always work, whereas with a Pebble I can do it without even looking.

    And in case you were wondering the Amazfit Bip doesn't have media controls at all.

    4. Size

    I suppose the Skagen is closest in size to my Pebbles, but it's considerably heavier; my all-plastic Pebble Time and 2 SE are so light that I quickly forget I'm wearing them—that is until a notification buzzes through. So I'm far more likely to wear a Pebble around the house, without needing to carry my phone in tow.

    5. Services

    Having taken over Pebble's backend servers, The Rebble Alliance is now providing weather and voice dictation to every Pebble that supports it. With a paid subscription they've got a unique and (hopefully) sustainable business model, ensuring that their users can continue to enjoy the full Pebble experience for years to come.

    And that, in a nutshell, is why my Skagen Falster is going back in the drawer.

    by Published on 10-18-2018 12:38 PM
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    Article Preview

    Sonos has been around for some time for a while it felt like they owned the whole home audio market. However, there are now alternatives and many of them are not exclusive to a single manufacturer. Google’s Home, Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Homepod devices are marketed first as speakers that have microphones/voice assistants which can also provide whole home audio.

    With that in mind, Sonos has released the One, a Sonos with built-in microphones. Out of the box it has support Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition. Presumably it also has the capability to recognize Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri commands if Sonos can work out necessary licensing deals. ...
    by Published on 10-16-2018 08:24 PM
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    Article Preview

    Apple iPhone XS Max

    Here’s the Apple iPhone XS Max. According to Apple, “XS” is pronounced “Ten S”. However it’s hard for me to not see it as “iPhone Extra Small Max”. Silly name aside, the most striking thing about the Max isn’t its notched, large 6.5” display, dual cameras or even the cutting-edge 7nm A12 processor. No, it’s the Max’s breathtaking price tag; the 512GB variant costs a heart stopping $1999 Canadian before taxes. Let’s check it out. ...
    by Published on 10-15-2018 04:52 PM
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    Verizon fans: You ever take off for the weekend and wish you could take a smaller more portable version of your smartphone with you?

    Yeah me neither.... But a hot new Cali startup named Palm has you covered for all ya'll who don't have friends in low places. This company is hoping you have room in your life, and your wallet for a new Smartphone Companion. Yes you read that right! A smartphone companion. And Verizon got dibs on it first. Yay!

    For $10 per month, you too can carry this credit card sized piece of fresh air. This device itself which so far is known as: "The Palm," will set you back $350 gives you:

    Android 8.1
    3.3-inch HD screen
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor
    3 GB of RAM
    32 GB of storage
    12-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera
    800mAh battery
    LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a SIM card.

    The hoped for end result is that you pair this device to your phone like any other wearable with use of Verizon's NumberShare service as a pre-requisite. It's not a replacement to your phone only a compliment. The irony is that this device is supposed to get you away from being attached to your smartphone's display by.... adding another one.

    From an industry perspective, Palm is hoping to create a new category of devices that customers will soon realize they can't live without. Verizon is watching this closely to see if customers are willng to pad thier bills and increase DARPU (Data Average Revenue per User).

    Whether or not adding another screen to your life is worth it to you is totally a personal choice. Let's us know what you think? Will you be buying this? Do you know anyone who this would work perfect for?

    For more details check out this awesome video on the gadget:

    by Published on 10-15-2018 03:20 PM
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    It looks like a review embargo for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is being lifted today; such things often happen so that reviewers get a chance to use something resembling production software. Anyway, I've chosen three reputable tech blogs—The Verge, Ars Technica and Mobile Syrup (Canada represent!)—plus a companion video by The Verge, above; together, they'll hopefully provide you with a pretty good idea of what Google's 2018 smartphones are all about.

    The Verge: The best camera gets a better phone
    "The single biggest improvement this year on both sizes is the quality of the screens. As we learned last year, it’s all too easy to make an OLED screen that looks bad. The Pixel 2 XL screen was muddy, reds looked more like browns, and it felt like there was a layer of parchment paper making everything hazy. There was also a burn-in scare at launch that caused a whole lot of drama.

    I obviously can’t speak to burn-in yet, but the color problems are 100 percent gone this year. The Pixel 3 XL’s screen is vibrant and bright with colors that pop at any viewing angle."
    Ars Technica: Google software deserves better than this hardware
    "The (3 XL's) notch design isn't just embarrassing, it actively hurts the phone's usability. The status bar might be twice as tall as normal, but horizontally, it doesn't have nearly enough room to work with. On the left side, you'll usually be able to see a whopping two or three notification icons. If you have exactly three icons, you can see three notification icons. But usually the third slot is taken up by the "more" icon, so you only actually see two icons."
    Mobile Syrup: All the small things
    "The Pixel 3 deserves special praise. For those who love smaller phones, its 5.5-inch screen and 68.2 mm x 145.6 mm x 7.9 mm body feels perfect. If you prefer the look and feel of the Pixel 3, don’t feel like you’re missing out going for the XL’s smaller sibling. A smaller screen and battery notwithstanding, the Pixel 3 is every bit as capable as the Pixel 3 XL. This is a departure from the Pixel 2, which, between its inferior haptics and older display technology, was the lesser of the two Pixel 2s."
    If you have another Pixel 3 and/or 3 XL review that you'd like to share, please do so below!

    by Published on 10-12-2018 03:15 PM
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    This is just a stock photo from Wikipedia, but I have something almost identical to it sitting on my nightstand right now. I've had it for at least as long as I've lived in my current apartment—and come to think of it, the one before that as well. That's 21 years and counting!

    I don't think that I've used the radio function in about 10 of those years, and I don't even use the alarm any more. It's just a big, red LED display that I don't physically touch except to set the time an hour ahead or behind in the spring or fall.

    If ever there was a piece of home electronics ready for disruption, the ancient clock radio would be it.

    Enter the Google Home Hub. Just a year ago I was rather outspoken on the dubious value of Google Home products; now, but one product cycle later, the addition of a screen—and critically not a camera—makes an appliance you can yell at suddenly useful. I know it's able to control your smart home devices but I don't have any of that; what I do have is WiFi and a connected music streaming service, all this thing needs to match the same core functions as my current clock radio. Add to that the ability to view weather and traffic and the Home Hub becomes an easy sell to the person who shares my bed with me—all the impetus she needs to call in sick will be staring her in the face from the moment she wakes up.

    Hey Google, please bring the Home Hub to Canada, mmkay?

    by Published on 10-08-2018 03:39 PM
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    Release notes below:

    iOS 12.0.1 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad. This update:
    - Fixes an issue where some iPhone XS devices did not immediately charge when connected to a Lightning cable
    - Resolves an issue that could cause iPhone XS devices to rejoin a Wi-Fi network at 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz
    - Restores the original position of the ".?123" key on the iPad keyboard
    - Fixes an issue where subtitles may not appear in some video apps
    - Addresses an issue where Bluetooth could become unavailable
    - For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website: https://support.apple.com/kb/HT201222
    No word on LTE fixes.

    Source: MacRumors
    by Published on 10-03-2018 09:31 PM
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    Hey T-Mobile fans: LG is back and ready to showcase its latest flagship. Yes it's the V40 with the totally awkward and unnecessary adage of: ThinQ.

    LG knows what it's up against. I'm talking to you iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and Note 9. Does the V40 have what it takes to compete? Well here's a list of some of its features, software/hardware under the hood:

    • ThinQ AI
    • 6.4” OLED display
    • 3300mAH battery
    • Snapdragon 845
    • 6GB RAM
    • 64GB storage (expandable with microSD)
    • Standard (8MP) and wide-angle (5MP) selfie cameras
    • 32-bit quad DAC
    • Headphone jack
    • Boombox speaker
    • IP68 water / dust resistance
    • Qi wireless charging
    • Android Oreo

    This device comes in Blue and Black and to sweeten the pot LG is offering a free accessory bundle which includes a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal (for all you YouTubers out there) and a 256GB micro SD for those of you not keen on using cloud storage.

    For you network geeks this thing is equipped to support: 4x4 MIMO, carrier aggregation, 256 QAM and those really hard to find / mythical License Assisted Access (LAA) speed zones.

    This thing is basically a supped up G7 but with a major difference. It has 5 cameras. More on that in the video below.

    This device is going to be priced at $920. Yikes! You know what that means. Yes you got that right there will be a down payment required even for those: "well qualified!" I know that sux. If it makes you feel better it's still $30 cheaper than AT&T, $ 40 cheaper than Sprint and $60 cheaper than Verizon.

    Pricing will be set at $200 down and $30 per month for 24 months on an Equipment Installment Plan or $200 down and $30 per month for 18 months with a JUMP! On Demand lease.

    This thing launches on October 19th so if you have an extra $920 to burn head on over to your local T-Mobile corporate store or authorized dealer and show them some love. Still not convinced? Today T-Mobile was crowned the fastest LTE network for the 19th quarter in a row so there is literally no better network to use LG's crown jewel on! https://www.t-mobile.com/news/fastest-lte-19-quarters

    Check out the video below for more about this device and its supposed AMAZING camera:

    by Published on 09-28-2018 03:15 PM
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    If you're in the market for a mobile Internet device and/or you really miss your old iPhone 4, the GlocalMe G3 is here to save the day!

    Terrible name aside, they're currently running a promotion on Amazon where you can get almost $40 off the $150 USD list price with the promo code "25GlocalMe". But wait, there's more...! According to CNET, you'll also get 1 GB of free data anywhere that GlocalMe provides service. Canadians will have to pay the full $189.99 CAD list price, but will at least get the free data.

    The G3 uses what GlocalMe calls "cloud SIM technology" (sounds like an eSIM) but also has two slots for physical nano SIMs. By far the best thing about this hotspot, though, is its massive 5,350 mAh battery, which should be enough to keep multiple devices connected for multiple days.

    It's certainly not for everyone—least of all those of us who have a "roam like home" option on our existing plan—but if you travel a lot and want to get connected the moment you touch down, the GlocalMe G3 could be what you're looking for.

    Links: Amazon Canada, Amazon USA via CNET

    by Published on 09-27-2018 02:50 PM
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    Nokia fans and Android modders, rejoice!

    Juho Sarvikas, the chief product officer at HMD Global, announced via Twitter this morning that Nokia will now allow the bootloaders on select devices to be unlocked. Can TWRP, Magisk and even custom ROMs be far behind?

    The first eligible product for their new program is the Nokia 8, unfortunately a phone that is now a year old. Hopefully all new hardware from HMD will also be eligible, though something tells me that the ad-supported models on Amazon probably won't be.

    To unlock the bootloader on your Nokia 8 you'll first have to register for an online account, then see if your device is eligible. That's not as convenient as it would be with a OnePlus phone or Pixel, but it's in line with other OEMs like Motorola—and at the end of the day, it's certainly better than a bootloader that's locked.

    If HMD does this right I suspect that they'll see an uptick in their North American sales in fairly short order. More info at the links immediately below.

    Source: Nokia via @sarvikas on Twitter

    by Published on 09-25-2018 10:39 AM
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    Article Preview

    Times up!

    Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) bluetooth

    I thought I’d do something different with this review of a Galaxy Watch; I tested it paired to a OnePlus 6 rather than a Galaxy line device. I’ve used a Galaxy device with a Gear in the past so I knew how it performed under those parameters, but with Wear OS and the devices being somewhat at a stagnant point, I thought it important to review the device as it performs outside the “Samsung Experience”. After all there are those looking for another Android smartwatch option who may not be using a Galaxy handset.
    by Published on 09-16-2018 05:58 PM
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    Looking for a new lower cost alternative to the super expensive iPhone XS / XS Max devices? Look no further. The iPhone XR has you covered.

    Features include: 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD Display with a 1792x828 resolution, Tap to Wake, True Tone and Haptic Touch. It sports the A12 Bionic processor just like it's more expensive cousin with a 6-core CPU with two high performance cores and four efficiency ones. Due to software improvements Face ID works faster as well.

    It comes with a single 12 MP wide angle camera with OIS (f/1.8 aperture), smart HDR and better low light performance.

    The phone is rounded out with an anodized aluminum band, IP67 water and dust resistance plus better batter life than the iPhone 8 Plus. And it has Dual SIM technology included via a software update.

    Pre-orders start October 19th and the phone goes on sales on October 26th. It comes in six colors: white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red. It supports all modern LTE bands including Band's 14 and 71. Pricing will start at $749 for the 64GB version, $799 for the 128GB version and $899 for the 256GB model.

    by Published on 09-13-2018 10:02 PM
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    3. Carriers

    Stop the presses folks! We have pricing and payment options for T-Mobile fans looking to get the hottest new iPhones and wearable.

    Yes there is even a "zero down, " option for the 64GB XS for "super well-qualified," customers (whatever that means).

    Don't forget we even got trade in promotional pricing (scroll down for more info).

    iPhone XS EIP
    64GB: $279.99 down, $30 per month, $999.99 full retail
    256GB: $429.99 down, $30 per month, $1,149.99 full retail
    512GB: $629.99 down, $30 per month, $1,349.99 full retail

    iPhone XS JOD
    64GB: $279.99 down, $26 per month, $999.99 full retail
    256GB: $429.99 down, $24 per month, $1,149.99 full retail
    512GB: $629.99 down, $21 per month, $1,349.99 full retail

    iPhone XS Max EIP
    64GB: $379.99 down, $30 per month, $1,099.99 full retail
    256GB: $529.99 down, $30 per month, $1,249.99 full retail
    512GB: $729.99 down, $30 per month, $1,449.99 full retail

    iPhone XS Max JOD
    64GB: $379.99 down, $25 per month, $1,099.99 full retail
    256GB: $529.99 down, $23 per month, $1,249.99 full retail
    512GB: $729.99 down, $20 per month, $1,449.99 full retail

    iPhone XS Max EIP
    64GB: $379.99 down, $30 per month, $1,099.99 full retail
    256GB: $529.99 down, $30 per month, $1,249.99 full retail
    512GB: $729.99 down, $30 per month, $1,449.99 full retail

    iPhone XS Max JOD
    64GB: $379.99 down, $25 per month, $1,099.99 full retail
    256GB: $529.99 down, $23 per month, $1,249.99 full retail
    512GB: $729.99 down, $20 per month, $1,449.99 full retail

    Trade In Value:
    • $300 offer value: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone 8
    • $200 offer value: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus
    • $100 offer value: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

    Apple Watch Series 4 40mm EIP

    Aluminum: $0 down, $20.83 per month, $499.99 full retail
    Stainless Steel: $171.99 down, $22 per month, $699.99 full retail

    Apple Watch Series 4 44mm EIP
    Aluminum: $0 down, $22.08 per month, $529.99 full retail
    Stainless Steel: $221.99 down, $22 per month, $749.99 full retail

    Once again: Pre-orders start @ 12:01 on Sept. 14th and all devices will be available in store pending inventory availability on Sept. 21st.


    by Published on 09-13-2018 03:00 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. Devices

    You should all know by now that whenever I lead with this image it's a sign that OnePlus done messed up. In 2015 it was leaving out NFC on the OnePlus 2 and now, in late-2018, Carl Pei has revealed to TechRadar that there will be no 3.5mm audio jack on the OnePlus 6T.

    For some users it's potentially great news. A choice quote from the interview:

    "By removing the jack we've freed up more space, allowing us to put more new technology into the product," Pei said. "One of the big things is something our users have asked us for, improved battery life."

    Pei wouldn't be drawn on what the "new technology" will be, but we already know the OnePlus 6T will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, which will eat up some of the space left by the exiting jack.
    But for fans who've stayed loyal to OnePlus, if for no other reason than to enjoy a dongle-free smartphone experience, it smacks of betrayal. In the launch presentations for their last two devices OnePlus employees have gone so far as to joke about there being no headphone jack, and then immediately retort: "Just kidding, we know that's a feature our customers want."

    And the desire for an audio jack persists—proof can be seen in the results of a Twitter poll conducted by Pei himself this past spring:

    Even more bizarre is that the Oppo R17 Pro—on which the 6T is supposedly based—has a headphone jack on board, as well as a bigger 3,700 mAh battery.

    Maybe the move is shameless attempt to sell more Bullets wireless earbuds? I'm very interested to hear from fellow OnePlus fans how this news affects their interest in the 6T. Personally, I'm starting to see a Pixel 3 in my future. If I can't have an audio jack I might as well have a decent camera, at least.

    Sources: TechRadar, @getpeid on Twitter

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