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    by Published on 10-04-2012 08:37 AM

    Today, we announced the thrilling news that T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS will combine to create the premier challenger in the U.S. wireless industry. The new, publicly-traded company will retain the T-Mobile name.

    This isn't a deal to survive – it's to thrive. This is a terrific opportunity for two companies with a shared commitment to innovation and customer service to come together to improve the way you communicate. We're here to compete. We're here to unlock value.

    And we're here to win.

    This transaction will significantly accelerate T-Mobile's Challenger Strategy – the new company will be a bigger, better, bolder wireless challenger with the expanded scale, spectrum and resources to compete more fiercely with other national U.S. wireless carriers.

    Together, the combined entity will be able to:

    · Leverage a faster, stronger and more reliable network to provide amazing 4G services. We'll have unsurpassed speed and reliability through a denser, higher-capacity network and deeper LTE coverage in key metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. We'll have greater network coverage and a path to at least 20x20 MHz of LTE in many areas.
    · Provide customers more choices, including an expanded selection of affordable products and services, such as contract, no-contract monthly, SIM-only, pay-as-you-go and mobile broadband, and our most compelling line up of devices – phones, tablets, hot spots, or other future networked devices.
    · Offer bold, compelling and unique 4G plans including T-Mobile's Unlimited Nationwide 4G and MetroPCS's 4G for All.
    · Offer a superior customer experience to more subscribers in more metro areas through more than 70,000 customer touchpoints.
    Today's announcement is the first step in this process. We anticipate that the transaction will close in the first half of 2013, following the required MetroPCS shareholder and customary regulatory approvals. In the meantime, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate as separate companies. After closing, T-Mobile will be a separate customer unit of the combined company.

    Together, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will be a stronger player in the industry. We're creating a value-oriented challenger to the existing national carriers – one with the scale to deliver greater network coverage and a wider range of product offerings to better fulfill your needs. ...
    by Published on 04-12-2011 04:00 PM
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    HTC Sensation 4G: T-Mobile Unveils Its Most Powerful Handset

    HTC today announced its next T-Mobile exclusive phone, the HTC Sensation 4G. Coming this Summer, the HTC Sensation 4G will be T-Mobile’s most powerful handset.
    You don’t like to wait forever for content to load and now you don’t have to.With a 1.2 Ghz dual core Snapdragon 2 processor running on America’s Largest 4G Network, the HTC Sensation 4G delivers all the entertainment you can handle. Web pages delivered in the snap of a finger. Watch videos now, not in five minutes. Video games outside in the sun? No problem with T-Mobile’s largest, most high resolution screen, a 4.3” qHD touch screen (540x960 pixels).

    HTC Innovation
    HTC devices have become synonymous with innovation. The HTC Sensation 4G builds upon that reputation with the introduction of a new version of HTC Sense, technology that enhances the user experience, and a new premium design.

    HTC Sense
    The latest HTC Sense experience boasts a host of new features and enhancements, helping people to have more fun and get more done. New experiences include:

    • A customizable active lockscreen experience that transforms the lockscreen into a real-time window to the most important information and content. Social updates, photos, weather or stock updates can be viewed by simply waking up the display.
    • Sharper graphics, vibrant animations and new widgets make HTC Sense look better than ever.
    • A more cinematic and immersive weather experience with stunning imagery and audible weather effects.

    HTC Sense also makes it easy to have fun by enabling people to capture and share special moments. The HTC Sensation 4G’s 8-megapixel camera doesn’t just shoot gorgeous photos but, with the new instant capture feature, let’s people capture the moments they want without worrying about missing or keeping up with the action. The HTC Sensation 4G also shoots full HD video in 1080p resolution, with full stereo sound, at up to 30 frames a second, giving the user smooth video that is better than many other phones. With the new Video Trimmer tool, people can crop their clips to the perfect size for easy sharing with friends and family.

    Premium Design and Materials
    Tapping into HTC’s trademark design, the HTC Sensation 4G’s premium look and feel is enhanced by its rounded edges, aluminum unibody construction and the touch screen surface protected by a contoured screen that feels more natural as a finger is glided across it. The 4.3-inch qHD display delivers high-resolution widescreen viewing and gives the HTC Sensation 4G slender proportions that feel natural in a person’s hand.
    Keep an eye out for additional information about the HTC Sensation 4G to be announced over the coming months.
    by Published on 12-17-2010 04:31 PM
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    Press Release:

    T-Mobile USA, Nokia Siemens Networks drive evolution of HSPA

    Mobile leaders promote standardization of Long Term HSPA Evolution to unleash speeds of more than 650 Mbps

    Operators would be able to achieve peak data rates of more than 650 megabits per second (Mbps), thanks to an HSPA standard being driven by T-Mobile USA and Nokia Siemens Networks. Long Term HSPA Evolution would improve mobile broadband with speeds matching those promised by LTE Advanced. T-Mobile USA and Nokia Siemens Networks are driving the technology’s standardization aiming to make it available for commercial deployment by 2013. ...
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    This is the classic situation of T-Mobile rural (or at least non metro) in many locations.
    While in my area, sites are typically 5 - 10 miles at the furthest. B41 (n41) does reach up to 5 miles...

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    Did you not remember that conversation warned you...

    Did you not remember that conversation warned you not to let TF CS see excessive airtime/end date... which is exactly what you did.
    How do you believe the fraud department learns who to investigate?

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    did the ZTE z983 ever get an android update?

    does anyone know if cricket made an 8.x Oreo update to a 2017'ish ZTE blade x max?

    Or if I unlock the bootloader there is a ROM to update it to a newer version of android above 7.x?

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    Yeah those of us that follow the forum knew it...

    Yeah those of us that follow the forum knew it yesterday. Whacker posted it. https://howardforums.com/showthread.php/1926824-Sleepy-PPC-users-better-read-this.

    Where did the 2024 come from for...

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    I've always renewed 2-3 days early for the...

    I've always renewed 2-3 days early for the reasons given about website being down. What's the loss of 2-3 days out of 120, or 6-9 over a year for safeties sake. Plus I never knew if the expiration...

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