• BlackBerry Outage Apps Breakdown

    Forum user fruvous posted a nice breakdown of what the apps RIM is giving away because of the outage would cost if you ran out and purchased them yourself:

    Quote Originally Posted by fruvous View Post
    Total is $157 although I don't know what is different between Drive Safe.ly Pro and Enterprise.

    • SIMS 3 - Electronic Arts - $3 (2.5 *)
    • Bejeweled - Electronic Arts - $3 (3.5 *)
    • N.O.V.A. - Gameloft - $5 (4 *)
    • Texas Hold’em Poker 2 - Gameloft - $3 (4 *)
    • Bubble Bash 2 - Gameloft - $5 (2.5 *)
    • Photo Editor Ultimate - Ice Cold Apps - $2 (4.5 *)
    • DriveSafe.ly Pro - iSpeech.org - $20 (4.5 *)
    • iSpeech Translator Pro - iSpeech.org - ?
    • Drive Safe.ly Enterprise - iSpeech.org - $80 (unrated)
    • Nobex Radio™ Premium - Nobex - $10 (3 *)
    • Shazam Encore - Shazam - $6 (4.5 *)
    • Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant - Vlingo - $20 (4*)

    What do you think? Do you understand that outages happen every now and then and have forgiven BlackBerry or have you already ditched yours and got an iPhone?

    Comment here.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Sorry for the outage, here are some free apps! started by fruvous View original post
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