• Canada’s Little Three Carriers Fall in Line

    By "little three" I mean Fido, Koodo and Virgin. I guess that would make Chatr, Lucky and Public the tiny three? Still working on this. Anyhoo...

    A coherent strategy seems to have finally emerged from the second-tier brands of Canada's Big Three carriers: for those who can't (or won't) shell out $75/month for unlimited (10 GB) data, Fido, Koodo and Virgin each now offer slightly more affordable (or at least less expensive) BYOD options.

    $55 for 4 GB ($13.75 per GB)
    $60 for 6 GB ($10 per GB)
    $65 for 8 GB ($8.125 per GB)

    $55 for 4 GB
    $60 for 6 GB
    $65 for 8 GB

    $55 for 4 GB
    $60 for 6 GB
    $65 for 8 GB

    According to the source below, all plans include unlimited nationwide calling plus unlimited international texting—that is, any SMS sent from or received in Canada. But, as always, it's best to check your carrier's provincial portal to confirm.

    Source: Mobile Syrup (1) (2) (3)

    Andrew Currie has been blogging about mobile phones since 2001, smartphones (depending on how you define them) since 2002 and smartwatches since 2014.
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      No collusion...move along people, nothing to see here.
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      s/b three big asses
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