• International Research Firm Succumbs to Bullying from Canadian Lobbyists

    It looks like Canada will be excluded entirely from an upcoming report by Swedish research firm Tefficient. One of the reasons cited in coverage from The Wire Report is incomplete data; the other, bullying from industry lobbyists. Here's the full quote:

    The “fact that the data is reported so late for Canada (and since none of the carriers report data traffic or usage) we aren’t too interested in incorporating Canada in our analyses going forward,” Fredrik Jungermann, founder of Tefficient, said in an email when asked about the company’s information on Canadian telecom pricing. He noted that was “primarily” the driver of that decision.

    He said that “another reason is the workload created when lobbyists try to shoot down the credibility of the whole report because they don’t like to see Canada presented as an outlier. We have no business in Canada and have, unlike lobbyists, no agenda.”
    Make sure to visit the referring link to see a prior example of lobbyist bullying, an attempt to discredit the work of Finland's Rewheel/research by this country's most notorious Twitter telco shill.

    Source: The Wire Report via iPhone in Canada

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