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    Mobile Syrup reports that current BCE CEO George Cope will retire in January, 2020. His successor will be this man, Mirko Bibic. At some point Mr. Cope's legacy may or may not warrant a separate post, but Mr. Bibic's prior history as a mouthpiece for Bell most certainly does.

    Here's Mirko on net neutrality:

    It is a “preposterous” idea that Canadians should have the right to see all the TV content they want on their cellphones or tablets no matter which wireless provider they choose, BCE Inc. says.
    The original source has since gone dark, but the breadcrumbs leading to this infamous 2011 soundbite remain. And it was Bibic who said it.

    2011 was also the year that Bell floated the idea of usage-based billing for broadband Internet service here in Canada. Here's Bibic squaring off against George Burger and others on TVO's The Agenda—the good stuff starts at about 14 minutes in:

    If you're unsure of who won the day you can see threads from DSLReports here and reddit here. The important thing is that the spectre of UBB never came to pass—quite the opposite, in fact, as even Bell Mobility is offering unlimited (albeit throttled) mobile Internet to its customers today.

    As for Mr. Bibic himself, it's going to be a challenge for me to believe a single thing he says.

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