• Amazon Ships Customer Unreleased Moto Z4

    The Moto Z4 has already been leaked but wasn't supposed to be available for purchase until Q3 of this year—that is until Amazon did an oopsie and listed the device way early. And guess what? Somebody bought it.

    The listing (which has since been taken down) included a free Moto 360 camera mod for a very reasonable $500 USD. Here's what the eagle-eyed customer got for that price:

    6.4 inch 2340 x 1080 pixel OLED display
    Snapdragon 675 processor
    48 MP quad-pixel rear camera / 25 MP quad-pixel selfie cam
    4 GB RAM / 128 GB of storage,
    3600 mAh battery
    Moto Mod support

    In addition to the hands-on video above this thoughtful person was also kind enough to share his thoughts on reddit and upload some camera samples to Google Drive. I'd be interested in this phone myself if I knew for sure that the bootloader was unlockable; unfortunately there's no listing yet for the Z4 (or even the Z3) on Motorola's support site.

    Source: r/Moto_Z via Liliputing

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    1. DRNewcomb's Avatar
      DRNewcomb -
      I wonder if Moto will find a way to remote disable the phone?
    1. kingstu's Avatar
      kingstu -
      I don't believe any of their Amazon Carrier partner phones are bootloader unlockable. I don't see why they would disable the phone since he bought it legitimately. All they can do is what they did, make sure the page is taken down until after launch and probably try to be more diligent.
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