• As It Happened: Google I/O Keynote, 2019

    The keynote for Google's annual developer conference just wrapped up; here's a raw copy/paste of the notes I took. See if you can guess where I lost interest.

    Sundar Pichai
    - full coverage from google news is coming to search later this year
    - search will also index podcasts and offer them as search results

    Aparna Chennapragada
    - ar + your camera is also coming to google search - view result in your space
    - point your camera at a menu and google lens will tell you popular items
    - point camera at bill and lens will split it for multiple diners
    - for feature phones in developing markets, google lens adds these features to google go

    Sundar Pichai
    - duplex on the web - car reservations, movie tickets, etc.
    - voice recognition ai can now fit onto a smartphone locally (0.5 gb)

    Scott Huffman
    - with local storage assistant is now 10x faster than before, faster than using your thumbs
    - coming to 2019 pixel phones later this year
    - picks for you - personalized events, podcasts, recipes - also coming this year to home devices
    - personal references - data shared with google is integrated into assistant - "weather at mom's house?"
    - now you can stop timers, alarms, etc. by saying "stop"

    Sundar Pichai
    - to combat bias in ai, search results, google is using a model called tcav
    - auto-delete coming to data shared with google today
    - incognito coming to maps and search this year
    - two-step security is coming to android
    - federated learning coming to google kb - learning new words without knowing the words you use
    - live transcribe - app for hearing disabilities
    - live caption - does this for youtube
    - live relay - google duplex for hearing disabilities
    - project euphonia - enabling als and stroke survivors to speak through their phone

    Stephanie Cuthbertson
    - there are currently 2.5 billion active android devices
    - android q supports foldable devices, 5g, on-device learning (like apple)
    - dark mode (finally!)
    - security - new gartner report gives android (actually pixel) a score of 26 out of 30
    - location access controls are now front and centre
    - security updates are now ota modules, no reboot required
    - focus mode - disable selected apps (like social media) when you're working
    - family link - remote admin (limits) for your kids' devices
    - q beta 3 available on 21 devices from 12 oems, plus all pixels

    Rick Osterloh
    - smart homes of today are fragmented and frustrating
    - google home is now google nest; home hub max is now nest hub max
    - available later this summer for $229 usd, current home (now nest) hub now $129 usd
    - you can leave video messages on it using google duo
    - pixel 3a, 3a xl, starting at $399 usd

    Sabrina Ellis
    - pixel 3a colours confirmed
    - oled displays, stereo speakers, audio jack (!)
    - cameras have night sight, portrait mode
    - active edge confirmed
    - 3 years of software and security updates guaranteed
    - available on all us carriers and in other markets, starting today

    Jeff Dean
    - miscellaneous ai research jargon

    Dr. Lily Peng
    - ai research in diabetes, cancer research

    Jeff Dean
    - ai research in weather pattern prediction
    - ai for social good - recipients of $25 million research grants revealed
    - welcome to i/o 2019!

    Look for a YouTube super-cut of the event in tomorrow morning's news briefing...

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