• OnePlus Turns 5

    Retromobe on Blogger is a worthy bookmark for the occasional trip down smartphone memory lane. I was caught a bit off-guard by this past weekend's entry: the OnePlus One, which was announced five years ago this month. Pictured above is the first of two SKUs for the company's début, with 3 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage and the silk white back. Marques Brownlee reviewed it in May, 2014:

    Of course, the more sought-after version was the one with 64 GB of RAM and the sandstone back. I finally got the invite to purchase mine that July—and yes, the invite system was definitely the worst part about being a OnePlus customer in the early days. Flash sales would have been a much more transparent way to move the company's limited stock.

    And the best part about OnePlus was, for me, the software experience. I was already familiar with CyanogenMod and the commercial version, CyanogenOS, added lots of eye candy to an already-capable Android ROM. That this new device was modder-friendly sealed the deal.

    Five years later I'm on my fifth OnePlus-branded phone, the 6T. I'm still grateful for that unlockable bootloader, and these days it's OxygenOS providing the superior Android experience. And as someone who likes to travel, the fast charging and dual-SIM support are welcome additions. In fact, starting Wednesday and for the next two weeks, it'll be a data-only SIM from Japan's DoCoMo occupying my usually empty second slot.

    Photo and video captures have been getting steadily better but there's still room for improvement. If I'm honest, though, it's really only when pixel-peeping photos on a desktop computer that I get Google or Huawei envy.

    So happy 5th birthday, OnePlus... and thanks for continuing to prove that upgraded memory and storage don't have to cost users an arm and a leg!

    Source: Retromobe

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      Quote Originally Posted by acurrie View Post
      Of course, the more sought-after version was the one with 64 GB of RAM and the sandstone back.
      I should say so!
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      Oops, thanks for catching that! Maybe it'll be an option on the OnePlus 11?