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    This is likely going to read very much like a sponsored post; you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it's not. Ever since my first smartwatch—or, more accurately, my first smartwatch with standard lugs—I have tried a lot of replacement straps. After literally years of trial and error I can confidently recommend one company above all others; that company is Barton Watch Bands. The three big reasons why are:

    1. They sell on Amazon for easy delivery and returns;
    2. They carry the most popular sizes and materials, and
    3. They've consistently shipped me high-quality products.

    Keep in mind that I'm coming at this from the affordable end of the smartwatch market; with such a device, like the Amazfit Bips pictured above (and yes, I have all four of them) you might find the included silicone strap a bit lacking—after a week or two of wearing it you might find it getting somewhat slimy and uncomfortable to wear. It could be that I'm uniquely sensitive to silicone, and I definitely seem to have sweaty wrists. Either way, this has been my experience with cheap OEM smartwatch bands.

    I myself am a fan of NATO-style ballistic nylon straps (Barton, by the way, also sells those), but they're not a good fit for the watches I own. My solution? Barton's quick-release canvas straps, also pictured above. They've got that NATO strap look and, even better, the canvas is able to absorb a bit of sweat and still be comfortable on your wrist.

    If you're a fan of leather bands, Barton's got you covered. They even sell premium two-toned silicone straps for when your original band breaks or gets too clammy. Their sizes and quick release pins are compatible with a wide variety of Wear OS watches (at least the ones from Fossil Group) plus Samsung's Galaxy Gear and Active, the aforementioned Amazfit Bip along with all second and third-generation Pebbles.

    Links: Barton, Barton on Amazon Canada / Amazon USA

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    Thanks for information.

    Thanks for information.

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    good question happy to read the answer and helpful for my knowledge.

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