• April Fool's Day 2019

    Once upon a time, smart people like Steve Wozniak used the nascent power of technology for practical jokes and pranks. Over the years the association between tech and mischief has endured, but that mischief has become oddly gentrified into the absurd annual exercise otherwise known as the modern-day April Fool's tech prank.

    I've had a couple of this year's attempts come my way, and I've seen the meta-lists compiled by Android Police and The Verge. I'd love to share the best ones with you but honestly, this year I don't think there are any. I can't put my finger on exactly when it happened, but this year in particular I find it shockingly apparent that the pranks have been subverted by marketing departments at big companies. Thus, you have Google Assistant now able to talk to your plants and an electric car from OnePlus that charges as fast as their phones do. Both of these "jokes" are very much on brand, but not particularly funny or even clever. Ditto for the branded headset at the top of this post, the sole purpose of which can only be to remind you that Cup Noodles exist.

    That fake announcement about height verification coming to Tinder wasn't entirely terrible; it shows, at least, that the company is paying attention to shared screen grabs from the app on social media. If you found yourself impressed or caught off-guard by an April Fool's Day prank this year feel free to share it below. For myself 2019 has been a bit of a dud.

    Links: Android Police, The Verge

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