• Why NFC is NBD in Asia

    (Spoiler alert above...)

    Redditors on r/Android seem to be collectively freaking out over an Android Authority observation that NFC support is waning on devices from certain brands—specifically Alcatel, LG, Oppo and Xiaomi. As someone who boycotted the OnePlus 2 over its lack of NFC but also trialed LINE Pay while in Taiwan last month I can absolutely understand why.

    Two words: QR codes.

    Alipay (which I'm expecting to be crowned the new king of mobile payments any minute now) relies on QR codes, as does WeChat Pay and LINE Pay. My personal experience in Taiwan was that smaller vendors who would otherwise only accept cash were usually set up for LINE Pay as well, since LINE is the island nation's most popular messaging platform.

    Are QR codes less secure than NFC? Probably—although LINE Pay at least generates a one-time code per transaction that's only valid for five minutes. But I'm of the opinion that on-device security takes a back seat to your credit card company, who should be on the hook to cover you for any fraudulent charges to your account, whether made through a mobile app or otherwise.

    My big test for LINE Pay will come this April when I try it out in its home market, the notoriously credit-card-averse country of Japan. I'll have to get back to you on how that goes...

    Source: Android Authority via reddit

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