• Fear of Huawei Justified, Says Security Expert

    So apparently we're just now discovering that Canadian Internet traffic was diverted from Ottawa to a server in China over a six-month period during 2016. The Toronto Star explains:

    The incident involved the surreptitious rerouting of the internet data of Rogers customers in and around Canada’s capital by China Telecom, a state-owned Internet service provider that has two legally operating “points of presence” on Canadian soil, said Yuval Shavitt, an expert at Tel Aviv University.

    Shavitt told The Canadian Press that the China Telecom example should serve as a caution to the Canadian government not to do business with another Chinese telecommunications giant: Huawei Technologies, which is vying to build Canada’s next-generation 5G wireless communications networks.

    “It’s too dangerous to let them in,” Shavitt said. “You can just imagine how Chinese companies are co-operating with the Chinese government.”
    Okay, so I guess we have to imagine because we have no actual facts...? It's especially odd, because this somewhat contradictory sound bite from the same researcher is buried at the bottom of the piece:

    “It’s not that the Chinese are bad, or doing bad things in the U.S.,” Shavitt noted. “I’m sure that the U.S. and Canada are trying to do the same also to China. It’s a spying game that everybody’s trying to play.”
    With Canada set to inevitably follow its Five Eyes partners in banning Huawei from our wireless networks, I couldn't tell you how much of this Canadian Press story is spin; I can only verify that Professor Shavitt does at least seem to be a real person.

    Source: Toronto Star

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    1. bmccull's Avatar
      bmccull -
      I would like to know more about China Telecom’s ‘legal’ points of presence in Canada.
    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      Sounds pretty racist to me

      An Israeli company who is fear mongering to sell its own data protection services claims they had knowledge of an alleged attack back in 2016 as they had an agent working in Canada (Ottawa) yet they themselves claim the monitoring was not dense enough so they do not know the scope of this breach

      Now because of this (alleged) incident we should refuse to do business with ALL Chinese companies because those people are all the same
    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmccull View Post
      I would like to know more about China Telecom’s ‘legal’ points of presence in Canada.

      Basically China Telecom claims the route they chose was "better" and the security expert claims the data "might" have been hacked

      One such example the authors give is the diverting of routes between Canada and South Korean government sites. For six months beginning in February, 2016, internet traffic was diverted by China Telecom and routed through its PoP in Toronto, then forwarded to its PoP on the West Coast, then on to China and finally to South Korea. The shortest route for this traffic would normally have been Toronto to the United States to South Korea, the authors says. “That this pattern continued for six months is good evidence that this was no short term misconfiguration or temporary internet conditions disruption.”
    1. bmccull's Avatar
      bmccull -
      Got it. Thanks.
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