• Android Police: 5G will be the Death of HTC, LG and Sony

    David Ruddock has just posted an interesting editorial to Android Police, wherein he argues that North America's inevitable migration to 5G networks means big trouble for three already-struggling OEMs. Why?

    Frankly, it’s the money.

    5G is expected to far outstrip 4G in terms of cost to carriers in deploying the necessary technology and equipment to get networks online. That cost will fall on consumers and partners as operators attempt to recoup their large capital expenditures over the coming years. That means carriers will want higher prices on 5G phones and lean inventory, in order to offset the risk inherent with any first-generation technology. Because carriers will be demanding 5G handsets - oftentimes in the form of operator exclusives - LG, HTC, and Sony will almost assuredly bet the farm on 5G to reverse their failing fortunes. And equally assuredly, I believe, they will be unable to do so.
    He goes on to point out that 5G modems will only be available from Qualcomm who, as the de facto market leader in such things, can set the price for their 5G radios at whatever unreasonable amount they see fit.

    Now I myself feel obliged to point out that all this can be considered a fairly myopic America-centric point-of-view; each of these OEMs could still thrive in markets closer to home and without Qualcomm tech. Of course, then you'd have to consider the new crop of upstart manufacturers—Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and the like—that are already stealing sales from the legacy handset makers across all Asian markets.

    Anyway, have a read below and see what you think!

    Source: Android Police
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