• Death to the Notch; Long Live the Vertical Slider!

    I guess some kind of embargo was lifted this week, because a phone I swooned over in Taiwan earlier this month is just now making the rounds through my YouTube feeds. I'm talking of course about the Mi Mix 3. Notable specs are as follows:

    6.39 inch 1080 x 2340 pixel Super AMOLED display @ 403 ppi
    Dual 12 megapixel rear cameras (telephoto and wide angle)
    24 megapixel selfie cam with 2 megapixel depth sensor
    Qualcomm 845 Processor
    6, 8 or 10 GB RAM / 128 or 256 GB storage
    MIUI 10 powered by Android 9.0 Pie

    The phone's best feature by far is its mechanical sliding mechanism. Here's a YouTube teardown that reveals how it works:

    Spoiler alert: magnets for the win!

    As a former Nokian with fond memories of his vertically-sliding N86 (and a current Android user who is aware of the BlackBerry Priv) I am all over this as an alternative to the stupid display notch. I would have seriously considered bringing one of these bad boys home with me had I not heard that the next OnePlus phone will be a slider as well.

    More on the Mi Mix 3 at the links immediately below.

    Links: GSMArena, Mi Global

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    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      My lasting impression of sliders has been that their flex cables tended to break. A LOT. Am I the only one that has no interest in the new generation of these for that reason?
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      So far, yes.

      What devices are we talking about here, exactly... cheap flip phones?

      I can see in theory how it would a cause for concern, but in practice I've had zero issues with the ribbon cables on my N86 and Danger hiptops.