• Two New Traditional Watchmakers Set to Smarten up for 2019

    I'm not talking about luxury brands retreating to Wear OS to fend off the Apple Watch, though there will certainly be more of those... I'm talking about two famous brands that will be going smart their own way. Kinda.

    Wareable has a new feature on what's in the pipeline for 2019. I've cut out the cruft and cut to the chase!

    1. Swatch

    The cheap and cheerful watchmaker has been taking its sweet time (sorry) with its in-house smartwatch platform, Swiss OS. In the works since 2017, Swatch is now saying that it will come to market early next year. The two big draws? Long battery life and "Swiss vault-grade" data protection. Mmkay.

    2. Timex

    This seems less like vapourware to me, since (1) Timex is already making hybrid watches, and (2) they're partnering with Huami for their first proper smartwatch venture. I remain a big fan of my Amazfit Bip, and even if Huami slaps a Timex logo on a new model that'll probably suffice for me.

    If you're more interested in reading how BMW, Puma and other brands will be jumping off a cliff with Wear OS, check the link immediately below.

    Source: Wareable

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