• CNET Remembrs the Razr

    This week CNET is taking a trip down memory lane, with a feature article and companion video (above) about the iconic Moto Razr.

    The video is definitely worth a watch, as it features Paul Pierce, who was on the design team for Moto back in the day. What made the RAZR so impossibly thin was a new (at the time) chipset that allowed the circuit board and battery to exist on the same physical plane. But the phone was so thin that its chunky chin was almost a necessity, to give the user something to hold on to while texting on the flush keypad.

    The article is a bit more of a fluff piece, with the author lamenting how he didn't "get" the appeal of the Razr when it was first released. There is, however, one quote that speaks to the lasting impact of Motorola's most famous creation:

    It took the iPhone's introduction in 2007 to really kill it.
    For what it's worth, I can recall being tasked to find a Razr for a friend in the mid-2000s. They were so popular at the time that the only unit I could procure was a grey market import from Spain. I distinctly remember spending an afternoon trying to figure out how to switch the menus to English. Good times...

    Source: CNET

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      If they would release a new Razr (not the foldable thing) with 4G I'd buy one today