• PRESTO from Metrolinx Launches in Limited Beta

    Canadians who rely on mass transit in the province of Ontario should be pleased to hear that there's finally an app for that. Metrolinx has announced a limited beta of a new PRESTO app for both Android and iOS.

    Anyone who wants to tap on or off with their phone, however, will unfortunately have to wait. From Mobile Syrup:

    The Android version of the app disappointingly doesn’t feature the ability to instantly pay by swiping the phone near a Presto machine, though Metrolinx says that functionality is coming in future versions.

    Given how tightly guarded Apple is with the iPhone’s NFC functionality, it remains unclear if the ability to validate a transit trip at a Presto kiosk will ever come to the tech giant’s smartphone.
    Aren't people doing this stuff on their wrists now...?

    Also, there's a stern warning that the Android app won't run on rooted Android devices, but not to worry—Magisk Hide will instantly fix that.

    Sources: @aczerny on Twitter via iPhone in Canada, Mobile Syrup

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    1. Mr.Peppermint's Avatar
      Mr.Peppermint -
      Too bad
      When the first Beta (or Alpha?) launched Metrolinx gave us each $100 for free so we could test the app per week

      I miss free transit